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Monday, June 07, 2010

I have the best job in the world, honestly, I love Kane Kreative. I get to take pretty pretty pictures of some of the most beautiful women, and yes, most are "curvy". One of my favorite ladies recently is Faith Spencer. She's a makeup artist from Vancouver WA, a cover girl for Skorch Magazine and exudes true style. I think what I love most about Faith is that she has an unassuming beauty with 100% humility, the kind of girl that doesn't even think she's all that.
She is curvy and confident, but not 30something (I don't discriminate! :).

I was inspired by her unique look to shoot in the forest behind her the end, it almost looks as though she's a curvy Twilight cast member. I could definitely see her on Team Edward - how about you?

Outfit Deets:
Top - American Rag from Macy's
Jeans - Charlotte Russe size 15
Jewelry - BP Nordstrom and Icing

Photography by Jessica Kane of Kane Kreative.


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  1. Seriously gourgeous pics Jess!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  2. Mandy!!!! THANK YOUUUUUUUUU!! loves loves.

  3. wow, you're a great photographer! beautiful pictures! :D and she looks great too!

  4. Love your blog - and these pictures are fabulous (and far better than any drivel Ashley Falcon has ever come up with!!) Now following here and Skorch's blog (love Skorch, btw!) :-) - Also planning to add Skorch to Life: Forward's blogroll (there is a major lack of awesome curvy chick media!) - Can you add Life: Forward to Skorch's? (Pretty please... ;-) )

  5. Ok, I'm a spaz and didn't see that you very awesomely added me to the blogroll here... LOVE you! (In the least creepy most flattering way possible, of course)

  6. Those photos are wayyyy overprocessed. Her face doesn't look natural at all due to all the overediting.

  7. @shayna - lol - hey new BFF :) and I happen to like spazz's.

    @anonymous - hmmmm your voice sounds familiar? Oh that's right - you sound like a hater who won't reveal their identity and give constructive criticism. sad.

  8. wow Faith is so stunning! such gorgeous hair too <3 these pictures are beautiful Jessica :)

  9. THANK YOU so much Stiletto and Weesha!!!!!!! I love you girls!!!!


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