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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Living in Vancouver, WA is rough for a sun worshiper like me, but I make due and when the sun does make an appearance I celebrate by wearing some color. Most of my wardrobe is admittedly basic - I like classic and chic, hate prints and refuse to wear anything with a bow there for no reason at all, I steer clear of weird colors and cuts, but I do celebrate when I find teal, purple and fuchsia...I snap it up in a second! Today I paired my fabulous white distressed capris with a bright teal top with awesome pink collar (genius!) and bright fuchsia flats. I was in heaven!
And, of course I had to pop my collar, because "i ain't skerred." *laughing*

Photography by Jessica Kane.

Outfit Deets:
Top - Old Navy - 3x Plus Size
Pants - Gifted from Old Navy - Size 28
Shoes - Target - Size 11
Hair Color - L'Oreal color 4AR  *LOL* People ASK! :)


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  1. Imho, white is a 'weird' color to wear, as are polo shirts. I'd feel like I belonged in a Brett Easton Ellis novel circa 1984. I'm all for 'weird, 'odd' colors like chartreuse green, rust red, mustard yellow, deep pumpkin orange, 'dried blood' burgundy and the like. I love the whimsy of a ruffle or a bow on almost anything, and I enjoy standing out in unique colors and patterns when I wear them. Your cute, ruffled flats in that gorgeous shade of electric plum, however... to die for.


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