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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I had the BEST day with my one of my besty's (yes, that's so high school, but whatever!) Brit. She lives three hours south so we wanted to paint the town Jessica&Brittany! After getting the appropriate amount of makeup on our faces to be in public and picking out cute yet comfy outfits (and cutting my bangs back to blunt cut), we decided to drive around and see where life took us...and Brit wanted to break in her new car.

First stop, the heart of Portland. It was really industrial down there and we loved the windows and buildings, so we had to stop to take pictures.

Of course I had to pose with Brit's new car, it's so foxy.

Then Brit thought my behind was foxy. I have to admit, my Old Navy jeans do my ace (nice word for ass) nicely.

Hi. I have a lot of makeup on, but I LOVE it! :) Only took 10 minutes!

This is how we roll. Brit is fancy with Coach flip flops, which I talked her into while at Nordy's...she was suffering from blisters, so we popped in and found these on clearance!  Mine are guessed it....Payless! :)

Before the adventure got too far in, we needed food and liquor. Thank you Red Robin! My drink of choice is always the lemon drop - this was like a lemon PITCHER. genius.

Then we decided to go conquer our fear of heights and ride the Ferris Wheel at the Rose Festival going on downtown.

After that, Brit kicked my butt at the horsey game...dumb game.

Then we wondered off to the bowling alley near my was cosmo night! Brit is pro w/ her ball and shoes ( I was just jealous because I gave mine away!). This is my victory dance.

I got the most fashionable pair I could find in a MEN'S SIZE 10!!!!! LOL...I'm such a big foot dork!

Well that's the event recap, here are the outfit deets:

My outfit: Top - Ross   Scarf - Merona for Target   Jeans - Old Navy Plus size 28    Shoes - Payless    Handbag - COACH

Brit's outfit: Top- Torrid   Jeans - Hydraulic from Macy's    Shoes - COACH     Car - Scion TC :)

Plus, was thinking about doing a makeup tutorial on this you want to know??? LOL

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  1. haha Jess, you are sooooooooo freakin gorgeous! I love your smokey dark eye! Brit is a cutie too! Looks like so much fun! I want our day together to be something like this when I finally have the pleasure of hangin! :)

  2. Beautiful pictures, looks like you guys had a blast! :D

  3. You both look awesome! Glad you both had a blast :D <3

  4. You both look great!! I love your hair! and the make-up was gorgeous!! Casually cute... love it!

    Lexy of Beautylicious Fashionista

  5. You look so glamorous... even in a bowling alley!?! (Yes, that was envy...) Love that you rocked the summer scarf again (so have to find a way to do that without looking like a recent immigrant - aka my great-great grandmother a la 1890)

  6. I so desperately need a girls night out!! Looks like you guys had an awesome time!! So fashionable too!!

    Yes!! Definitely do a makeup tutorial!! I need all the help I can get!!

  7. You two are both so gorgeous! Love your outfit.

  8. You look fabulous! Great makeup. xo

  9. Oh my goodness...You are working it!


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