THE DISH with Jessica Kane | Special Guest Meghan Tonjes PART 1

Friday, June 18, 2010

Thank you SOOO much to Meghan for being my first victim, you're so nice and AWESOME! I honestly had fun and hope you find this interview/chat refreshing. I want to get to know amazing people and I'm thinking you do too! Let me know what you think. Part 2 and 3 coming soon to my youtube channel at

To connect with Meghan and buy her amazing music - go to
For those few who don't know Meghan, she is one of the most amazing musicians I know. She is most definitely a YouTube star and seems to have impressed Mr. Perez Hilton too...see here!

To connect with Meghan and buy her amazing music - go to
Project Lifesize-

Episode 1 PART 1 | In this part - Meghan and Jessica talk about Kendra's sex tape, the word fluffy v. fat, bluetooth quandries, Meghan on, diet tricks from the magazines and Chastity Garner's book Curvy Girls Guide to Style...Part 2 and 3 coming soon to my youtube channel at

Jessica Kane of dishes with the movers and shakers of fashion and entertainment over celebs, fashion and more. Get one-on-one with your favorite personalities with THE DISH. Real Talk. Unedited. Love Skype!


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  1. She is amazingg! Thank you so much for sharing, what an awesome experince! I can't remember when I was a size 16 LOL, but I know that I was young. You guys are sooo funny!


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