ROCKING my curves - Literally

Thursday, June 10, 2010

One thing I love most in life is a great rock concert! I know I look like a hip hopper/popper (that is so Limp Bizkit - by the way - I actually miss them...don't judge), but the only concerts I go to are rock concerts. My girlfriends Brittany and Rachel are my wingmen and we know how to make the best out of floor "seats" and $12 4sip drinks...seriously - $12?!!! Geez, I swear, I could so smuggle in a 5th of Goose in my 42DD Cacique Bra and no one would suspect a thing, again no judging!! Did I mention I mildly enjoyed the mandatory pat-down when entering? :)

Looking back at my wardrobe choice, I think maybe I should have double-thought the scarf, but it was comfy and silver, my favorite scarf. I knew I'd be sweating and jumping around like a crazy woman, so the 4" heels were so out of the question. I think if I struted my size 26/28 ass in a rock concert in 4" heels, I'd be laughed at, and 30 minutes later you'd find me barefoot with them tied around my neck. For reals. *laughing*

So here are some of my favorite shots of the night. Brittany is on the left, me in the middle and Rachel on the right. Man - I love these girls!

Waiting in line....fashionably. :)

I matched my silver wristband - so chic.

Standard "myspace pose".

Few drinks in - intermission. Gettin' my groove on.

You do it too - admit it. :)

LOVED the concert!                                                    hmm....scarf, yes or no?

Outfit Deets:
Top- Old Navy Plus Tank Top - Size 3x
Scarf - Merona from Target
Jeans - Old Navy Plus Jeans - Size 28
Flip Flops - Target
Necklace - Target


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