Sneak Peek // My Torrid Photoshoot

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So, I am officially living in an alternate reality.     !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The world is not what it once was, not sure if a meteor hit the planet and screwed up the time continuum or if aliens have invaded the bodies of the Torrid executive team... in a normal universe - these would be the only explanations as to why a major retailer like Torrid would use a regular size 26 gal like me to show off their clothes and share what I like. Girls like me are normally behind the big camera....LOL.

I remember meeting the team in October and pitching the idea of some sort of video style series or something with some bloggers, just something that would engage their customer be relateable...but they took it to a whole 'nother level!

The fact that Torrid is stepping outside the box and featuring a blogger my size is HUGE!!! I even cried during the interview, BAHHHH!! :( I'm just so beyond grateful and humbled for companies that partner with me (a girl on the big end of plus sizes) and trust me with their brand, and for my readers who MADE this happen for me/us. Thank YOU so much!!!! I'm so proud to represent the everyday woman and show that even big girls (size 24+) can feel confident and wear what they want!

SO....Here's a fun behind-the-scenes....hahahahah. Just wait till you see the other outfits!!!!! So much fun!!

PS... HUGE props to my model friends out there.....this is NO joke!
I was EXHAUSTED after two shoots in one day and I know it looks so glamorous, but it's's fun, just not glamorous! It's a REAL job and takes a LOT of work, and I'm definitely NOT a model! BWHAH A model is a pro at angles/posing/showing the garment, etc....I'm just good at being me? :)


Sealed With A Kiss // Behind the Scenes Photos

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So I gave you the one behind the scenes pic and finally have had time to go through the camera and wanted to share more fun pics!

I was at Sealed With a Kiss Designs for a photoshoot and video shoot about a new parternship project called "Project Plus." Something I'm extremely proud of and something I can NOT WAIT TO SHAREEEEEE. Secrets kill me, no really....hate it. Like Christmas but worse. LOL

This shoot was a BLAST! The Director of Marketing, Sarah Sapora, lined up the BEST for the shoot including one of the most popular & famed plus photographers Michael Hermogeno!!!! He helped me with my posing and here I am giving him some sass.....guessing that was a no on the pose?? LOLS

Like THIS?????? :D
Video crew!
Wardrobe :)
LOVED the accessories and shoes picked.
With Michael :) He's such a doll and YES, that says PlayBoy :) HAHAHA
The RIDICULOUS gorgeous and talented plus model Kelsey Olson, and former SKORCH Covergirl!
I love the SWAK HQ lobby!!! I could LIVE here :)
NEED the makeup, LOVE the makuep! hahaha
I got the white gel mani and sooooooo love it! Too bad it only lasted like a week :(. When you get white, you an see the cracks in the polish so much easier. BOOOO

Thank you to the entire SWAK team for making me feel so special and making a long and early day so much fun! They even had Diet Coke ready!! Hhhahahah
Sarah, you're a superstar and your vision is like no other, I'm honored to be included and a part of the SWAK family! Can't wait to do the big TAH-DAHHHHHH.


Brunch at Lola's

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Quicky post! Had a great time in LA, and had a fab brunch at Lola's in West Hollywood on Sunday with some amazing women! That group picture is on my camera and I can't get it off right now. But, I'll be posting my full photo album on my facebook page soon. Was joined by Nati & Brian, Joy, Tiffany and Ivory.

Here are the highlights, Tiffany, Food and Outfit :) Wore a new outfit from Torrid, felt SO West Hollywood. LOLS

With Tiffany of On The Fatwalk
<<< mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm  >>>
SO love this outfit! Wish the top was bigger at my hip, but still totally cute. It's a sheer razer back with these cool foil dot things and the denim capris - don't get me started - LOVE them!

Top/ Shoes / Pants c/o Torrid and available online now! :)


Behind the Scenes with @SwakDesigns

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I am beyond thrilled and honored to be working with a company I've loved since I started getting to know the online plus fashion industry! Here's a behind the scenes shot and view the rest here!

Wondering what I'm wearing??! Go here:

Headed to the beach, have a great weekend! My skin is soooo excited to soak up some cali sun!

Review // SVOBODA Premium Denim

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Soooooo I've been wearing my SVOBODA Jeggings like there's nothing else in my closet, well those and my black Source of Wisdom Luxe Skinnies from Torrid.

These were gifted to me from the owner of the company, Jessica Svoboda, who is also a good friend of mine and someone I've known in the plus industry since I started Skorch in 2006. She is someone I can rely on to shoot it straight and someone who knows more about the plus manufacturing process than almost anyone else I know. So, I can confidently tell you there's a reason why her jeans are carried in the finest stores, it's because she has spent years perfecting her product for the plus size woman and is obsessed with quality and perfection....that makes for some great jeans ladies :).

I feel horrible it's taken me so long to give you guys my review on these babies and even though Jess and I are friends, you and I are too and I will always give you my 100% honest opinion. So, here's a recap of the outfits I've worn these jeggings in and my review is below.


I wanted to give you guys a close up look at the jeggings, and show you the other side of the fabric. What I SO much love about these is the outside is SO denim in look and feel, yet the inside is so plush and soft - almost velevty - like pajama jeans or something. Makes them SOOOOO comfortable to wear! 

This is after wearing them for the day, I wanted you to see the wear/stretch. These are size 26. For perspective, I wear a 24/26 in Source of Wisdom and a 28 in Torrid and LB denim. So, I think these are perfectly sized as I do believe me to be a true 26 on the bottom.

I've washed these about 10 times probably. Compared to my other jeggings, I say the stretch to shrink ratio is about 10% difference....really not much at all. So if you tried these on, they might stretch about 1/2 in on the belly. While I love my Source of Wisdoms, their stretch ratio is probably 17% and my Old Navy ones are definitely 20% stretch/shrink from washing.

Things I love about these jeggings:

  • Fabric - SUPER Luxe
  • Color - I love the denim sheen/color - in my opinion, its the PERFECT dark denim.
  • Sizing - Was nice to have a pair that fix right.
  • Length - These are Regular length and are nice and perfectly long.
  • How many sizes they are offered in! 10-28, Petite/Reg/Tall
Things I don't love about these jeggings:
  • Price - While I understand the pricing - $138 can be hard for women to do. 
  • Button - The button seems to have too much give - enough for me to think it's going to fall off....but I've looked and it's secure?
If you can afford these babies, I HIGHLY suggest you get a pair - they will last forever and that's so nice. I've purchased 3 pairs of old navy jeggings at $40 a piece, washed same as these and wear, and they already are broken down and fading. But these jeggings still look brand new. So $120 for jeggings that will fail in less than a year or $138 for a pair that I can wear with anything and I know will last MUCH MUCH longer? Save for these ladies!

Where to find these jeggings?

Being a Tease

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Hello loves!
The above picture is a sneak peek at a shoot I did with one of my fav photographers and new graphic designer for Skorch Magazine, Stacy of Stacy J Photography! I'm wearing a vintage jacket and Lane Bryant top and pants, handbag from Torrid. There's an entire set that will launch soon!

So, about this weekend!I have SO much hugeness I can't even begin to describe the enormity of the huge that is going to happen this weekend in LA. I've been told I can let the cat outta the bag to get you, of course, here comes the tease :)

First! HUGEness with my friends at Sealed With A Kiss Designs! Read more about me coming to SWAK with a little thing called "Project Plus." Kinda dying with the fun that will happen to tomorrow :).

Then, some more HUGE happening with Torrid. I'll be at their HQ tomorrow for a top secret thing that for SURE you're going to love. GAHH!!

Then headed over to see the HQ and manufactering facility for Karen Kane and meet Karen herself! After that popping over to Kristin Miles (formerly Missphit) and then going to meet Rosie Mercado - and icon in the plus industry!

Headed to Santa Monica on Saturday and then a huge girls brunch planned for Sunday!

So lots of videos, photos and exclusives coming from this weekend.....all for YOU!
I'll be sure to send some mobile pics from the fun times to my facebook page - be sure to join in at


Finale Night Pictures // Washington Plus America

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The finale was Monday, Feb 20th at the Everett Performing Arts Center! Was SUCH an emotional night!!! GAHHHH I'm not sure I'm made for the judging stuff, so hard.

I caught some quick snaps in the lobby after (photography was prohibited in center since they have official photog) and here are some quick shots. I'm sure there be more pouring in, so be sure to watch my facebook page!

Getting ready to board for LA - see you later!

With the reigning Mrs. Plus America, Danielle Zavala!
The amazing Erin Hagerty, former Mrs. Plus America and fellow judge!
The shoes! From Torrid.
Our Judge Liaison Yulia was AHMAZING! So we all chipped in and got her flowers for being so great with us and putting up with all our bathroom breaks :).

Leaving Seattle and can't believe I caught this! Beautiful Space Needle, wish I could have gone to it!

Journal // Full Day of Judging at Washington Plus America

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Sunday, Feb 19th was a FULL day of judging from the nicest Holiday Inn I've EVERRRRRR been in (marble, chandeliers, amazing restaurant). Starting at 7am we had judges orientation, then judges breakfast where all the contestants got to kind of meet us judges (look at us) and where Chenese Lewis and Danielle Zavala had me tearing up with their moving speeches of trial and triumph (amazing women).

Then we had the one-on-one interviews with all 26 contestants.

After lunch was the evening gown and interview wear judging where all the ladies were on stage and showing their best! This is where the judges panel pic was taken (below) - thanks Chenese!

Then, Chenese and I capped off the night with a second Vlog (click here for #1 vlog) and recouped for the big crowning day/finale night on Monday! -- That post coming next after pictures received from photogs :)

Since we were on the move ALL day I wore a new dress that was sent to me by! It's the sheath classic boat neck knee length dress, custom made to my measurements (and for you too! that's what she does!) and made of this amazing heavy thick fabric that covers everything from bumps to bright underwear :). AMAZING fabric, it's ALL about the fabric! I need to do a video!! It's a simple dress, but add a skinny belt and accessories and it feels so classy. I felt like a business woman that day and so thankful to Cassaundra for the dress! 

Price of my custom dress = $59 & FREE Shipping!!

What I would have expected to pay = $150

Went for classic hair and makeup to match the day. Wanted to be taken seriously as a judge :).

More soon from the pageant and I'm flying to LA today! Lots of fun meetings, photoshoots and video shoots that I'm BURSTING at the seams to tell you aboutttttttttttttt. Damn secrets :(
But, SO worth the wait!!!!!!!!

Ok...I'll stop shouting.

Journal // Washington Plus America - Saturday

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I had the MOST AMAZING WEEKEND EVER! *yes, I just yelled at you, sorry*

Latasha Raines, the Executive Director of Washington Plus America, asked me to be an overall judge for the 2012 @waplusamerica!! I was beyond thrilled and honored, but never did I imagine a weekend with the queens would have so dramatically changed my life.

26 of the most inspiring women I've ever met. @waplusamerica 2012 Pageant
Took this picture Monday Night at finale. More pics to come!

The Plus America pageant was beyond words. NEVER have I experienced so much positivity and empowerment in one place in my life. After two intense days of judging 26 women who worked SO hard to not only be a queen, but SHOW us they are the entire package.....powerful, smart, beautiful and graceful. Eventually, the time came where the women stood on a stage waiting to hear their fate. One by one the finalists were called and one by one my tears fell. I was so proud and so wished we could give everyone a crown, because they ALL deserved it just for getting up on a stage and putting themselves in front of the brightest spotlight for all to judge them....all while having a smile and being so graceful. What I do on this blog is NO WHERE near the level of those women, and I just bow to them. It was MY honor to judge and stand and applaud and cry with them. **Damn it, crying again!** I can't wait to showcase the new queens in SKORCH and hope you take a look at the Plus America pageant and consider entering. much emotion.....ok....And now it feels silly to show you what I wore....LOL But here you go!
This was Saturday night for mingling.

Checking the hair/makeup/outfit before heading to lobby.
Worked hard on my makeup for the night! Starting to use more purples instead of so much grey/black...I feel it makes my face more youthful, with more color. What do you think?

See that gorgeous ring???!!! A present from Chenese, so sweet!! I LOVEEEEE ITTTTTTT.

With Chenese Lewis, special guest and the FIRST Miss Plus America! And, she's the host of the #1 Podcast for Plus Size Women, Plus Model Radio!

I was LOVING Chenese's accessories! 

Fun in the lobby :). Thanks Chenese for being my photographer! 

TOP c/o Simply Be // BRACELET & NECKLACE c/o Fashion to Figure // PANTS Lane Bryant Houston Trousers // WEDGES Payless Dexter

More pictures coming from Sunday and Monday (Finale Night!)


What I Wore // Finale Night at Washington Plus America 2012

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SKORCH Magazine { @skorchmagazine } was a proud sponsor of the 2012 @waplusamerica Pageant! Pictures coming soon, but here's what I wore for finale night. Thank you Torrid for making a dress (and shoes) so beautiful that even a regular girl like me could hold my own in a room full of beauty queens!! :D
Overall Judges of the Washington State Plus America Pageant 2012

Vlog // Washington Plus America Pageant Day 3 with Chenese Lewis & Jessica Kane

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Day 3 went wonderful for the Washington State Plus America Pageant!
Here's our vlog for the day, shout out to @waplusamerica. Can't wait to show you all the pictures when I get back home!

Vlog // Day 1 of Washington Plus America Pageant!

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Blogging from my hotel room in Everett Wa at the nicest Holiday Inn I've ever really?!
They have marble and chandeliers in the lobby! I'm here as a judge and sponsor of the Washington Plus America pageant and so honored to be here to help select the first WA Miss Plus America!!

Will bring you more pics and video, but here is day 1 with my roomie, plus industry mogul *she'll deny if you say to her face* Chenese Lewis....the FIRST Miss Plus America!



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My hair is finally growing out so I can do more with it and I used to wear it like this all the time. The key is the 2 wire headband - I LOVE THOSE!

Didn't have anywhere fancy to go, but felt like dressing up a bit :). Always makes my day more fun! And, this floral tube top was calling my name begging to play.

TOP / PANTS / SHOES c/o Torrid // JACKET Lane Bryant Circa 2005 // HEADBAND Rite-Aid