A Makeup Makeover

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Jessica kane plus size beauty makeup makeover shocking before after

Real deal baby! I literally CAN'T at my before and after's because they are so extreme!! My husband and I call it my transformation chamber. Not only am I transforming what I look like but man oh man it DOES really change how I feel as well!

I'll never forget being in LA recently and looking like my before and knowing that in one hour I had to be somewhere ...in front of people. That was one of the toughest moments where it truly required me to kick myself in the ass and just get it f***ing done. After all, there is no excuse when you have every tool and know every trick in the book!

Take the time ladies (and gents :)! When you ‪#‎lookgoodyouFEELGOOD‬
xo  Jessica

Want to know what I use? I searched the net for the best prices and here you go!

  • Foundation http://bit.ly/1R7HdyZ
    I put one pump on the back of my hand so my skin can warm it up a bit. Use my real techniques buffing foundation brush to apply by dabbing a little bit on brush and dab on face then lightly buff it in. The foundation requires no primers or powders and lasts ALL day. It's the BEST period.
  • Lipstick #35 http://bit.ly/1lsgQH7
    I used a lipliner and just one coat of lipstick. While I'm a total snob with my makeup because I've tried everything and know what I like and don't - I rarely get anything from the drugstore- BUT the Revlon lipsticks and lipglosses are absolutely my fav drug store beauty buy.
  • Contour Powders http://bit.ly/1M1Dlrk (use two versions to give face dimension)
    I don't bother with fancy palettes that cost a crazy amount. Instead, I buy an ivory/brown and a darker brown that I use to give my face dimension or "contour".
  • Brows (dark brown) http://bit.ly/1IDaBdB
    I used a stiff angled brush with a spoolie and line them in and fill like any youtuber recommends :) lol I am liking the pamade, but it's getting "crusty" or harder over time and makes it hard to get the amount you need to apply. So, after this pot is done - I'm going back to powder and pencil.
  • Highlight (soft and gentle) http://bit.ly/1lMUEHh
    My favorite highlight yet since it's super soft - perfect for real life and not a beauty video :) LOL

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