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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What's a girl crush?
Someone I give huge props to and someone you should know. My girl crushes are the girls that inspire me and have so much superstar oozing from their bodies that they leave me in awe. 

This one is dedicated to Giselle Grayson. I met her about a week ago, after her PR company emailed me to introduce her new album. I checked out her site and songs and instantly was crushing...there's just something about her! Love it. It's no wonder she's opened for T.I., Young Jeezy, Sean Paul and more and has already toured much of the globe.

When you knew you were meant to be an entertainer?
Probably before I was even born! My father was a talented blues musician so even in the womb I was exposed to amazing music. Its in my blood, I was just destined to be in entertainment one way or another. I started performing with my dad when I was only 3 years old and after that there was just no going back! I wanted to be a lawyer for a while, which is actually what I went to college for, but I realized I'd rather be the movie version of a lawyer than an actual attorney! LOL So if I can play one in the future I've already done lots of research!

Your Idol?
My personal idol is my mother! She's the most amazing, selfless person I've ever known. Professionally in entertainment would it be completely cliche to say Oprah? I adore her for all that she's accomplished and the fact that she's still herself at the end of the day. Its so hard to stay true to yourself in this business and she's done an amazing job of that. On the music side I'd have to go with Christina Aguilera, another strong and excessively talented woman who is determined to be exactly who she is no matter what. I admire that in any woman who has that down pat!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Hmmm... Grammy winner... Oscar winner! Either one of those would be nice! In all reality though I'd just like to be as successful as I can possibly be in my field. Whether its in film or in music I'd truly like to be someone that people can relate to and feel empowered by. Especially young women these days. If I can get one young girl to understand that she can be exactly who she is and its a beautiful thing then I'll be happy!

Favorite designer/store to shop at?
I'm completely addicted to BCBG... they don't have a plus line, but I can usually fit a large in their dresses and jackets. They make the most impecable clothes! I'm also a complete fashion junky for IGIGI, Michael by Michael Kors, Yves Saint Laurent heels, and Dominique Auxilly for specialty tour and music video looks! Absolutely to die for! By now you can probably tell that I can't pick just one anything! LOL

The one quote that defines you/how you look at life?
You can most often hear me saying "Live the life you imagine... anything is possible" - I tweet it, Facebook it and say it to myself as a reminder every day that I'm living proof that you can be and do whatever you dream of in this world. You just have to have faith and work hard at it. Most people stop at faith and don't put the work in. Its a combined effort I think, you've gotta do both! And with that truly all things are possible. We're all living the reality we created for ourselves in one way or another... so might as well create the very best version of it possible!


Size? 14/16
Age? 26
Hometown? A true southern belle from Austin, TX!

Thank you Giselle for answering my questions and hope you ladies get to know her and draw some inspiration as well. Life is short - go get your dream baby! 

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Image Credits:

            Top Image
Photographer: Olivia Boyd
Hair & Makeup: Ashley Rihel
Location: Dallas, TX
Bodysuit: Fredericks of Hollywood
Sweater: Lane Bryant
Fishnets: Rue 21
Boots: Colin Stuart (not pictured)
Jewelry: Rue 21

Bottom Image
Photographer: Jeff Bearden
Hair & Makeup: Giselle Grayson
Location: Top of Paris Hotel, Las Vegas, NV
Top: Fredericks of Hollywood Plus
Cat Hat: Dillards 
Jewelry: Destructure LA

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