Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Basic style is so easy to undervalue and underappreciate and even I have gotten caught up in the dramatics and flair of it all...maybe it's the blogger curse? But I forgot how great some basics can be, like this outfit. I was just chilling and thought...damn, I feel cute. The thought occurred, is this blog-worthy? I decided to take some pics to see.

This is a typical day at the home office kind of outfit - Torrid Stiletto Skinny's rolled up (yes, even though they have a zipper, still cute rolled up), sheer H&M+ basic top, flats and statement necklace.

I think I'm going to challenge myself to embrace the basics more often, what do you think? Do you just want me to post the zazzy stuff or does this inspire you too?


Top H&M+  //  Pants c/o Torrid Stiletto Skinny Size 24  //  Flats Torrid  // Necklace c/o Torrid

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