Hot Pink Pants

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Never in a million years did I ever think I'd love hot pink pants so much, lol....but I do, boy do I. In fact, I'm thinking I NEED every other color that will go with this SWAK Designs Seville Cami, ahahh! The possibilities are endless! I snagged this pair at Torrid.

And this belt, oh this belt. Here's the story....I was at Torrid and spied a pair of shorts with this belt on them...but I didn't want the shorts, just the belt. Well then Mandy was trying on stuff and I saw this lone belt resting on the rack of items outside the dressing room....allllll by itself. Of course I tried it on...and it fit! So, having worked at Torrid before and knowing it would be scrapped, I begged her to let me buy the belt - I had to have it! Well, 10 minutes later, the belt was mine. LOL

Honestly, don't get in my way when there's a pretty belt at stake ;-). Speaking of which - go to now and buy every one of their CURVE belts (plus size). HOLY OMG.


Photography by Mandy Allen of Pep Talk Polly


Pants via Torrid size 24 - Same pant different color here /  Top via Swak Designs /  Shoes Circa 2010 from Avenue  / Clutch from Target

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