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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

I got a little fired up...saw this image floating around Facebook. There are so many layers and meanings that you can take from this image - but in the end, I am really talking to the person who created it - put it together. 
We could get into so many issues that these images create - which is great - conversation is good, but in the end - I just had an issue with the pitching of the women against each other.  We don't need to put someone down to feel better, and the skinny girls, while yes they are photoshopped here (and don't get me started on the mindfuckery going on there...LOL), but the girls behind that - the real women who do look nearly identical to that - it's not fair to them. I love you all and thank you for your feedback and positive dialogue - this is why I adore you so much! ♥ xo

Lets STOP pitching women against each other like this... I have best friends that look like the models on top and the models on bottom and BOTH are real...being plus size doesn't make you real, being YOU makes you real, and while the ladies on top are photoshopped - they are still real as well.

Let's empower each other by being inclusive, and not exclusive. 

#realisperfect (be you, because that's perfect)

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