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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

jessica kane plus size body confidence fashion bloggerThe last month has been one that has made me question my purpose, my beliefs and my goals. I'm thankful for this because I believe it's in this space that you grow and have breakthroughs, however I had a few revelations that shocked me.

jessica kane plus size body confidence fashion blogger
2006 seems like yesterday.

I had spent my entire life hating my body and battling being dealt a shitty hand in life (read that lifetime movie story on my blog in about). 

That was the year my life truly started. I had ended a convenient and comfortable marriage with my first boyfriend, lost over 125lbs which had me on an artificial confidence high, and I discovered plus size fashion after moving to Portland. Coming from a small town where all I could wear was Walmart and order from JCP men's denim catalogue (they didn't offer womens plus back then), I felt I landed in heaven.

This had such a profound effect on my confidence and excitement for life that I HAD to share this feeling and revelation with the world! With my tech skills and another passionate creative Carrie Woomer, SKORCH Magazine was born.

Now, years later, the weight has come back and gone (TWICE!). I'm the same size today as I was at my most miserable when in the tiny town sitting in my single wide trailer.

It wasn't the weight, but it was the fact I was never taught or shown body confidence...only body shame. I tried to find self love through the ways media told me, get skinny!!!!...but that was an empty high that didn't last.

THIS IS WHY I STARTED. I knew a website dedicated to showing positive body image messaging would make a difference. The fashion is a piece of that, but I never want to lose sight of the true mission. It's not to sell clothes, not to help you be a model, but to help ever day women around the world gain body confidence and break the BODY SHAME cycle.

jessica kane plus size body confidence fashion blogger

We can create a generation of confident and empowered women and make the world a different and better place one positive post/IG/tweet at a time. I invite you to join me and the Skorch Army. 
#thisiswhistartedSKORCH #bodydiversity #endfatshaming #freethefat #skorch

Outfit Links

Top size 26/28 (be sure to size down) LINK - On sale now for $13.92
Pants size 26/28 (order your size) LINK
Bag which I absolutely LOVE - LINK
Shoes are 11EEE and fit big so size down as I think I didn't need "extra wide" just reg wide
EEE Fit (extra wide) or E Fit (wide)
Outfit gifted by - All opinions are my own.

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