My Curvy Valentine / Plus Size Outfits & Body Positive Blogger Collab Project

Thursday, February 05, 2015

I love this time of year, not because I look forward to getting any chocolates or flowers (my husband and I actually don't do any of that, after 10 years we are just super nice and do favors instead), but because February is a great month to take stock in your body confidence meter.

Some will say who does that 330lb size 26/28 woman think she is?
I say: SHE THINKS SHE HAS THE RIGHT TO LOOK HOW SHE FEELS - SEXY and doesn't give an EFF if anyone disagrees.

I give ZERO attention to the body & fashion police because I know they don't pay my bills, they aren't next to me in bed at night - they are NO PART of my life. And, if I saw them in the street I guarantee they wouldn't come at me personally - and if they did? My confident smile and laugh would be burned into their brain while they slept at night as they wondered how that fat chick could be so confident while they are hating their own bodies (which is perfect obviously).

Please know this: Haters are projecting and dealing with their own issues - you can choose to take on their problems or live your life with freedom. Life is too damn short - live it happily babygirl. There are bigger issues in the world than wearing a tight skirt that shows your belly!!

I have found the kind of peace where I feel zero inhibitions about my body and refuse to care about editing my pictures down to perfection - because there is no such thing as perfection. I have happily embraced a #noeditnoshame mentality!

I'm so proud of this shoot by Adrian Adel Photography & Graphic Design (with makeup by the incredible Beauty by Meghan of GLAMbar) and to partner up with 5 other curvy babes for a new plus size blogger collab called ‪#‎mycurvyvalentine‬ for Valentine's Day!

Share your #mycurvyvalentine pics on Instagram with us! I'm @jessica_kane

body diversity advocate blogger model jessica kane plus size blog
body diversity advocate blogger model jessica kane plus size blog

Skirt by Rebdolls in size 4x $29.99
no longer in stock - but check what else they have!!!

(see mom it holds them up!) avail in 36C to 46DDD.

Thank you!
Beauty by Meghan for doing my makeup, Adrian Adel for photography and Calvin Chen and Jenna Quintana for assisting on set.

Now go see the #mycurvyvalentine
posts of the other blogger babes for more body lovin' inspiration!

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