life is like a box of clique mixers - you must shop, drink and mingle

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(apology for the cheesy title, Forrest Gump is on the TV in the background and I am inspired- LOL)

1st off, I love my life. I love my friends that are my family that are my life. Growing up a single child with a single mother made me always crave lots of friends and family around me. Too bad I was such a dork in school I only had a handful (thanks mom for the awful hair cuts! Totally ruined my street cred.). After I turned 30 and had a baby, my life changed dramatically. I was no longer able to go out and party and dance, and I had to be more creative to get my girl time.

Right around my son being 10 months old, I thought I might lose my mind if I didn't get out of the house! But, there was nothing to do. It was either happy hour, which was too early for me, or go clubbing, and wasn't wanting to do that. So, I being a person to create my opportunities figured I'd pool all my resources and friends and create an event that was the ultimate girls night, and I call it Clique Mixer. Since then, I've held about 15 mixers and have Clique Directors all over the United States....seriously awesome.

Here are some photos from my most recent Clique Mixer. I hosted the Aloft Sassy Sunday Summer Social (presented by Clique Mixer) this last Sunday. I love this venue and the people and always have a great time when hosting there! And did I mention I'm a martini whore and they have the best? oh yes.

Thank you to all my friends that come out to support the venue and vendors to shop, drink and mingle! I love you!! There are SO many vendor to name - for the complete list, here's the flyer.

Posing with Amanda Lopez, the GM's Assistant at Aloft.

Gotta show the outfit...and the salvaged hair! LMAO Just 18 hours earlier I was a certified carrot head - oh yes - see my facebook page for the deets and picture -

Some of my best girls, Alexis (L) and Kait (from NOSKINNY).

Picture while taping my video (below)...

Fashion show finale walk. And yes, I do support skinny people too. I do not discriminate and the boutique I chose carried up to size 18. Fashion by Adorn. Models are from Dream Models Inc, GREAT group of ladies.

My best gals Jessica Hektor (L) of ThirtyOne Gifts and Mandy Allen craftonista and blogger of MandyLand.

And, here's a little video I put together so you could join in the fun...

My Outfit
{Top - Gifted from, Pants Gifted from, Shoes - Merona for Target, Bracelet - Avenue} And for the super curious, I keep the 42DD girls up with the best strapless around - Cacique for Lane Bryant. :)


Join me at And, more photos of this mixer online.

my hair needs it's own facebook page

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After my recent highlighting experiment gone wrong (went and used a new dye - BAD IDEA), I wanted to go back at old hair colors/styles to see what I liked the best for my face. I swear, my hair has a life of it's own! I love it though, my hair is such an important part of my 'look'.

I've had a bob for as long as I can remember. Back in high school, however was a much scarier story. My mother thought she was a 'hair stylist' *ehhh humm* and yah, no, she wasn't. Needless to say, after I moved out and spread my wings, I experimented with my hair and over the years have put it through some serious punishment.

Maybe this should really be an open apology letter to my hair? "Dear hair, I'm sorry for being so mean to you, but thank you kindly for not falling out of my head...kinda need you around. xoxo jessica"

Here's a fun recap of my hair since about 2006. As you can tell from the inconsistancy of my hair color, I do not have a color professional, instead I rely on trial and error and box dye. I bat about 8 for 10, so I figure it's a great investment!

So which looks are your favorite? Here are mine...

flashback | April 2007

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I want to give you guys a peek at my fashion back in the day before I met you. 2007 was a blast of a year! It was the 1st year of Skorch Mag, pre-Kyle Kane (my son), got married that year, was about 40lbs thinner and was feeling so fabulous. Not that I don't now, but I need to work on getting more healthy most definitely. I was meeting so many new friends and making things happen, man that feels like 100 years ago - so much has changed and I've grown up so much as well.

This photo was taken at a Torrid fashion show, I'm posing with Erin, my date for the evening. Looking back I laugh because I should have been wearing TORRID *slaps hand* but I did wear one my favorite pair of jeans on planet earth, and I'm beyond bummed I can't fit in them anymore :(.  And, this top was the top that defined me, I swear, it was my SOUL. *laughing* I got it last minute online before my 27th birthday party, praying it would fit and look good since I had a huge party planned - which to this day, was one of the best ever.

Sigh. Why does time have to go by so quickly?


Top - Fashion To Figure, Pants - Torrid, Shoes -Payless

let's hug the haters

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I wonder what it is that makes one person mean to another. I know when I'm in a cranky mood, I tend to add a grumble or rolled eye to the poor girl at the bank drivethrough or the cashier at Target because I'm having a shitty day and poor me thinks the world hates me, which stings when you're a people-pleaser like myself. But why do some people have to take it to the mean level?

Like most in the "plus industry," I've been the target of some mean emails and comments, and it's hard not to take it personally. It's inevitable and lucky for me my skin started it's thickening process in the fall of 2006 (when Skorch Mag was started). 

But, I think the next time I encounter a hater, I'm going to give them a hug! Yes, I say let's hug the haters. That might help, right?

And, run to see Twilight Eclipse with a best gal pal and carb load at Applebees like I did! This is my girl Bunn Salarzon. To say she's a phenomenal photographer doesn't give her enough credit, truly. Her work is art and I'm so lucky to not only know her, but be her date to the movies! She actually shot the October 2009 cover of Skorch Mag that featured Jamieya.

Plus! She helped a sister out and took my photos for this blog post, thank you Bunn! You're still genius, even with my poor little point-n-shoot. LOL


[ Top - gifted from, Shorts- gifted from, Shrug -, Handbag-, Shoes - Payless ]

CLOSED CONTEST | Enter to win $100 to

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Everyone knows I love Old Navy and NO they are not paying me to promote them nor do I post about them because I've received free clothing. I have been an Old Navy fan since I was a size 12 and still to this day think they have fabulous staples that every girl needs -plus size or not. And I think a $20 jean in size 30 is awesome! Thank you Old Navy for keeping us big girls comfy and fashionable :).

And, one of my favorite dresses received lots f comments was an Old Navy fashion! So enter now and good luck! $100 goes a LONG way at!

Winner will be drawn Saturday July 24th! Entry form is below.

new name new day | fatshion chic

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Hello lovelies!
I want to first thank every one who follows my blog and facebook fan page and showers me with love. I've loved this community since the day I started as a newbie on myspace, applying to every online plus ezine to get started in the industry (and never hearing back!). In 2006, no one saw my potential and I think that made me even more focused to make my mark, and it inspires me to give anyone the chance to show their potential. I'm truly blessed to have so many friends and readers that support my endeavors like SKORCH Mag and this blog, so THANK YOU!

This brings me to a small change. A name change. Honestly, the other day I was introducing myself and told them about Skorch and that I blog at CurvyConfident(dot dot dot) and I was so annoyed by how long the name was and how it pigeon-holed me into "older" fashion, that I just knew I needed to change the name while I could. I just started little over 3 months ago, and can't believe how quick it's going! I am truly a sassy foxy kinda gal and felt my old name didn't quite represent the attitude I convey - so presto chango - Fatshion Chic is born.

Since Facebook won't let me change my fb fan page name, I created a new one and I hope you join me there -

And thank you again for the love and everyone entering to win the Sealed with a Kiss Designs Dress - the over 300 of you! I will draw the winner on 7/20 and can't wait to see who wins!

stay chic,

Behind the store: NOSKINNY | Portland OR

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As a publisher of a digital plus size magazine, I'm stuck in a virtual world of shopping malls that are located at www avenue. Honestly, I love to touch and feel the fashion and try it on! I don't know how many times I've walked into a dressing room with a handful of items to not only walk out with 1 item that fits right. Honestly, it amazes me that online shopping is so popular for the plus apparel community. I do have my few stores I shop online at because I've ordered and know the cuts and love the return policy if I don't luck out with the right fit.

But, this day, I wanted to go check out a local plus fashion store NOSKINNY. They say they are "bringing the fun back into shopping for big girls." When I first walked in, I was definitely skeptical that anything would fit AND look good, but my stylist (and assistant manager) Myndee made a believer out of me in no time. I had so much fun and as a BIG GIRL, I would totally recommend this store to anyone. They do offer some basic staples online at, but if you can come in the store - you MUST make it a stop! Hope you enjoy the video of my time at NOSKINNY touring the store and trying on Myndee's picks!

Did you see the dressing room??!! TO DIE!! I love how they have a HUGE area for a true shopping/styling experience. It's too easy to dismiss something while in your little dressing room and not give it a could just have it on wrong! :) So NOSKINNY provides a lush fabulous area for you to really see if it works.

This was my favorite outfit! I know I know ....basics in color, but the bright red belt is something I never do. I loved these leggings, they are a one size fits all (which I could NOT believe actually fit and were comfy!) as was the white tube top.

Then I asked Myndee to make me try this floral print on since I seem to always put it on my FUG list. I was thinking if I tried it on, I would have a change of heart...and honestly, it wasn't that bad!

This top was definitely fun and I LOVE the back detailing! I felt so Miley or someone fabulous! :)

And finally I tried on my first pair of stretch skinny jeans. Again, was in disbelief that they actually fit! These were a size 5x (26/28) and they were PERFFECTTTTTT. AHH my new favorites for SURE! And this top WAS totally fun...Myndee was so right :).

Thank you to the folks at NOSKINNY for letting me be VIP for the day with a one-on-one tour and shopping experience. And every girl needs a dressing room like the one at the Lloyd Center NOSKINNY store!


Win my Dress!

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Due to the overwhelming response from my post in this dress, is offering to give one of my readers their very own Anastasia Interchangeable Tube Wrap Dress!! So, if you love this dress and could rock it - enter now to win! Choosing a winner on July 20!

**UPDATE** Special surprise! for everyone who has entered to win the Sealed with a Kiss Designs Plus Size Boutique convertible dress - they are now offering to give away $20 SWAK bucks to TEN lucky winners! So, if you don't win the dress - you could win $20!


Enter to win a Anastasia Interchangeable Tube Wrap from valued at $68 in any color and size available! Contest running from July 13 to July 20, 2010. 1 entry per person. Winner will be contacted July 20 via email from Jessica Kane at

magazines are NOT real - WE ARE

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Sometimes I wake up on morning like today, my hair is a mess, no makeup, glasses, in my jammies and I wonder who this girl is that I'm blogging about. Oh that's right, it's the confident me...right now I'm the ugh it's morning me.

The truth is no one wakes up looking amazing, honestly, every woman from Halle Berry to Beyonce to me and you have our moments, and the part to remember is there is a lot more to you than that! *laughing* Because the true you is the best version of yourself when you feel sassy and confident and you can conquer the world.

The lesson of the day is, don't be so hard on yourself when you look in the mirror and wonder who that woman is. She's most likely a mother, a hard worker, a tireless student and a woman with the pressure of society and the world on her and she's pretty bad ass if you ask me. Forget magazines, they are not real. WE are real and give yourself a high five and embrace that which makes you feel like superwoman (at least 3 days a week!). A little confidence can go a LONG way.

This night, I had a fun girls night Pure Romance party to attend for my girl Tiffany. I was excited that it wasn't too hot outside so I could wear one of my favorite shrugs and tops. I got it BOTH 4 years ago and 2 sizes ago and they still fit and look cute!! LOL I am loving my new longer hair, so I went curly and natural makeup. I love summer. Oh bronze me bronze block god. :)

Outfit Deets:
Shrug -, Top -, Pants - Plus Size, Shoes - Payless, Handbag -, Necklace & Bracelet -, Sunglasses - Sears.

Be sure to join my fan page at ladies! :)


thank you Lane Bryant for helping me out of a jam...

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So I had a business meeting at the mall today and of course it being 100 degrees outside I wore my fun top from and my Old Navy Plus torn white jean Capri's - LOVE THEM - problem however, they were falling off! And, they were fresh out of the I knew I could pop into Lane Bryant and get a new pair of pants easy...but I didn't know I'd score these totally fabulous fitting white jean Capri's for only $19.99!! They regularly go for $49.50. Seriously, run into your LB and snag a pair of these capris, they are fantastic! Lucky me! So I quickly grabbed my size 28, headed to the room, 2 minutes later bought them and put them on to jet out the door. I truly do love Lane Bryant, especially for the bras and pants. If I had more time I definitely would have taken advantage of the buy 2 bras get 2 free deal!

I have to say how great the staff was at the Lloyd Center Lane Bryant in Portland, OR...I even snapped a shot with her :). She rocked.

Ohhhhhh...brraassssssss. Really wish I had had more time! :(

Totally fabulous Kelsey Powell of LB, she rocked.


curvy fashion favorites for summer

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Every month I like to bring you my favorites, the pieces I just can't live without for the month. This month, I'm embracing some pattern and color that I normally shy away from. You all know I'm a bargin shopper and love a clearance sale, so my picks are usually very reasonably priced with one piece that is a little bit more expensive, but sooooooo worth the dollars.

And, I changed my hair to embrace my summer sun! I lightened it up a bit using my Revlon Highlighting kit and since I'm letting it grow out a bit, I feel so Kardashian...LOL.

First up - A Color Block Stud 1 Shoulder from for only $16.99. Obviously 1 shoulders are all the rage, and I love the comfort and colors. This top is a 3x and def a bit tighter than intended, but I like my tops form-fitting.

Next up another top from - I can't find it online anymore, which is a total bummer because this top is so much fun! I NEVER wear these colors, I always hated the pointed fabric on the hips and can't believe how much I love this top. It's just enough hippy to make a glam gal like me feel uber hip for the day :).

Next, my favorite maxi dress like EVER. It's from plus size and of course I don't see this one online anymore either. But, there are LOTS of dresses like this with the tie around the neck, and I never thought I would like it....but I do. And, I liked it so much I wore it for my 4th of July bash. This is a 3x as well.

Here's me wearing it on 4th of July...I was channeling my inner State of Liberty!

One of the staples I can NOT live without are my fun cardy's from Old Navy. Now I usually buy plus size old navy, but NOT for my cardys...I fit better into a XL or XXL from the regular store. This one is a 1X, so I wanted it to be nice and tight, and I'm in LOVE with the colors and fit. I got this one for about $15 during the cardy sale.

Last but definiately not least is my splurge for the summer, I am IN LOVE WITH THIS DRESS. I admit, as a newbie to convertible dresses, I was a bit lost to figure out how to make it work, but after some practice, I think I figured it out. You definately need an "under-thing" like a cami, tube or something, I'm wearing a black bustier in this shot. My favorite things about this are the fabric and the cut, the black skirt part goes past the knees and I feel so glam in it! die as Rachel Zoe would say...yes, can NOT wait for her show to be back on - hurry up Bravo!
This dress is from and is a 4x, it is $68, but trust me - it is SOOOO worth it! You can change the look from classy to club and it's truly so comfy. So, it's my splurge pick for July. Click here to purchase.


undercover plus size shopping: Ross & Target

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Welcome to my 1st Video Post for my series I affectionately call - FUG UNDERCOVER. So glad I brought my camera when my girlfriend Mandy and I went shopping for 4th of July outfits. For me... it was Jessica = 0, Team Fug = 29. It's a tragedy really. Hopefully my trip to Torrid and Macy's will fair better.

In effort of full disclosure, I'm truly a dork at heart and I secretly LOOOVVEEEEE Footloose. So bare with me on my journey to the soundtrack of the coolest 80's movie of all time.

Plus, wish everyone a happy and safe 4th of July weekend and to my Canadian friends, Happy Canada Day!!!