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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I was super excited to get a box of clothes from Old Navy Plus. They wanted to know my opinion on fit and quality. Honestly, I was seriously happy. I admit these pieces don't look good on the rack - BUT - they DO look good on a plus body. I had to run to Red Robin for a business lunch and needing something kinda hip, but more casual. And, of course, I wanted to be comfy!

Here's my review:

JEAN: I'm a size 26/28 5'8", and they sent the "diva" plus jean - which goes for only $20! I Do love the fit, perfectly cut for my legs (not too big or skinny at bottom). Only gripe on jeans is they have no give, like most plus jeans.

TANK: This tank top was a surprise. I was like "eeehhhh" when I saw it, but I put it on and was like wow - i love it. It was a perfect elastic band at the bottom, so it won't budge, the flowers are so cool and the fit and color is great.

SHRUG: The "overthing" - lol- what would you call it? Well, it was actually quite cool. The arms roll and button up, and it does NOT button or tie closed, supposed to stay open and loose. As a devoted tailored blazer kind of gal, I was surprising comfy. The fabric was nice and thin, perfect for spring.

Total Fit/Quality Grade: A
Absolutely recommend.


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  1. thanks so much Kimberly! It's my "hobo chic" look - lol. Do you shop Old Navy online?

  2. I love Old Navy, even their "non-plus" size stuff if great. They have a ton of great pieces and for a girl on a budget they are even better.

    The flower detailing is perfect. Now I am going to have hunt that tank down.


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