I heart fushia. period.

Friday, May 07, 2010

My favorite colors are red and fushia, so when I found this amazing fushia color at Old Navy, I HAD to have it. This cardy is actually a XL, I like them smaller and tighter, but the under shirt is a 2X. I bought them from the store, as you can not buy plus sizes at the store right now, and the 2X is a true 2X - therefore I love them.

Love this necklace. It was a birthday pressy from my hubby.

Head to toe Old Navy again.

Oufit Deets:
Top (2X) / Cardy(1X) : Old Navy Store
Jeans : Old Navy Online - size 28
Necklace : Tori Spelling on HSN

Happy Weekend dolls!

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  1. Very cute outfit.. I love fuschia too!! And I love your haircut! It looks great on you!

  2. It's a great colour on you! I love Old Navy Cardis too, I have so many.


  3. thank you so much girls!! you know what...was just thinking - are my bangs too rounded? hmm ...think I might go choppy choppy this weekend!

  4. I love this combo of the fuchsia cardigan and the gold chain! I've been resisting buying more sweaters/cardis but i might have to make an exception!

  5. So lovely in fuchsia!!! Check out my latest party outit ;-)


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