Self Portraits

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Today's weather was seriously bipolar! Rain, hail, sun, clouds, rain and so on. Crazy. So, I decided it was a good day to play makeup and get some self portraits shot. I'm a professional photographer and hair/mua and stylist, so I love to do makeovers! Today, I made-over myself. I wanted natural beauty, so not to much. After I got my light set and had my remote in hand, it was picture time! :) LOVE the Remote! Every girl needs a camera remote.

So here they are for your viewing pleasure....LOL

Outfit deets:
Red sweater - Torrid
Black sweater - Curvy Girl Clothing
Houndstooth Blazer - Torrid
Sequin top - Fashion to Figure

Ring & Hair Flower by Torrid


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