Anna Scholz, we need a lot more than to "Just Add Manolos"

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I have always been a supporter of Anna Scholz the fashion line and the person. She continues to create fashion for the curvy confident lady that is quality and timeless. However, the latest advertisements had me thinking they were stretching a bit. I have to give kudos to Anna for creating quality fashion, however I'm giving her marketing department a D. In my opinion, these fashions are not quite SATC level and they are stretching.  What do you think? Does this dress ooze SATC, but just add Manolos?

(above) For me - this one is the farthest reaching. I see where they think they were close, however the fashion is no where near the glam of the SATC ladies.


(above) I do like the desert comparison since it's a bit closer to the feel of SATC2 fashion.

If I could choose ANY plus size fashion line to compare to SATC fashion, I would choose Elena Miro 1000%. Elena's line embodies everything sexy and everything city. Here are some of Elena's spring 2010 fashions I would wear to embrace my inner SATC. Too bad Elena's fashion is a bit hard to get your hands on!

Would love to hear your thoughts. What would you wear to ooze SATC sex appeal?

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