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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Ladies! Listen up, remember when I said muffin top is UNACCEPTABLE? My fav jean maker Jessica Svoboda talks jeans with Marcy G, the editor at large for Skorch Magazine. Love this and totally relevant for us ladies who want a quality jean.

Watch now! LOL


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  1. I love this, and TOTALLY agree about the skinny jeans! I rocked them all winter, and now I am wearling skinny crops! lol

    Adrienne Rice

  2. This is a neat video!
    It was interesting how she said that styles and trends shouldn't be just worn by skinny girls, but that we should participate with them too. I've felt like that for a long time! Yet when I shop in plus size, it's totally blah clothing. (but I've also made the decision to quit looking at the tag size and just look at the garment itself, so I'm not in the plus size often)
    It's about time somebody changed that way of thinking!

  3. I like the advice given in the video, but I find it interesting that both Marcy and Jessica Svoboda are wearing black tops and dark-wash jeans, although they both concur in the video that this look is stereotypical and even "grandma-ish" (heaven forfend!) for fat women. I'd like to see them practice what they preach.

  4. @adrienne - thank you for commenting, so glad you like.

    @hannah - curvy doesn't mean hopeless -so work out the styles and keep coming back here to get ideas ;) *wink*

    @thirtiesgirl - I totally agree, I bet they didn't even think of that that day....probably it was like, black top - clean - check! I actually have more black in my closet too, I need to work on that! you can keep me accountable :)

    thanks ladies so much!

  5. Lol I usually opt for the high waist trousers/jeans. The muffin top distracts me.

  6. Loved the video but have to agree with thirtiesgirl, everything they were saying not to wear was what they were wearing lol.

  7. love the comments and the post!!! in the intro i was wearing a purple zebra top by pure energy!!! i had to put that black shaper on to show the jeans!!!

    LOVE svoboda and jessica is a hoot! thanks for watching ladies and for posting jkane!


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