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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lame title? Maybe. *laughing* I was feeling sassy.

Part of my job as the owner of Kane Kreative is to party in style :). I get contracted to procure sponsors, liquor, vendors and more. When Semper Fashion reached out to me to help with liquor sponsor procurement and vendor booth management, I jumped at the chance. MUAHpalooza was a styling industry event where we networked and partied. And, being a girly girl who loves a good party, I had to wear my favorite black dress. It was gifted to me for my New Years Eve Glam Event but decided to hold off on the perfect party to wear it...and MUAH was it! To learn more about Semper Fashion events in the Portland, OR area - go to (and pssst - I built that website too!).

Here's the visual recap including me hanging with good friend and colleague Lidia Covaci, she's kinda a big deal in Portland :). And, yes - that's her beautiful face on the MUAHpalooza poster!

Outfit Deets:
Dress - Torrid Size 3x
Shoes - Payless
Earrings - Torrid
Hair Clip - Claudia's Clips
Necklace - Pendant from Lia Sophia - Lindsay Johnson of Portland, OR


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  1. Nice. I wanna come to one of your parties they look awesome.

  2. Looking lovely! I so need to come to the West Coast! You definitely know how to party, girl!

  3. this outfit is perfect! u looked stunning hun!

  4. The sassy working woman. You lnow how to rock it!

  5. 1. LOVE the way you do your makeup.
    2. Your hair! Tres perfect!

    And your blog... I just discovered it yesterday and all I can say is THANK YOU!! I am so glad to find blogs that celebrate CURVES instead of trying to hide from them. You rock! *mwah*

    -From one thirty-something to another

  6. I love this look on you! Classy and sexy!

    xoxo Anika

  7. You look beyond gorgeous, really.

  8. You look amazing... and that belt... wowzers... DIVA!!!

  9. thank you thank you thank YOU!!!!!!!!!!! I do LOVE this dress, but think I need a better pair of spanx ;) yikes!


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