Color Obsession \\ Blue + Tangerine

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Oh my gosh you guys,
I was SO hating the weather and light the other day. But, I was OBSESSED with this outfit and wanted to show you. So, thought I would dress it up a little with some graphic you hate it? love it? Feedback is always welcomed!

I never thought blue color combo's would drag me away from my stable black/white/grey favorites...but it has! I'm loving gold and blue, but also gold and tangerine. The tricky thing about tangerine, it's SOOOO gorgeous in person, but is freaking hard to photograph! GAH!

Plus, this outfit features some freaking amazing new jeggings I got to try! I have a review post coming up asap for them - they are from SVOBODA. My friend, Jessica Svoboda is the owner/designer, and I was so lucky to see her while I was in LA and even see new fabrics she's working on and give my feedback!! So exciting, I so love design and have so many ideas in my head. As a big girl on the larger end of the spectrum, it's SOOOO hard to find stuff that fits and looks good, maybe someday I'll be able to help that problem. *wishing*

Thank you so much to Torrid for these amazing gifted items (Boots, Top, Cardi), I'm such a lucky girl and so appreciate them being so supportive. Happy holidays loves!

Jessica   / 


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