Monday, December 17, 2012

I used to be so turned off by the fur look. Looking back, I realize I'm just quite picky about the texture and color....well I'm that way about all my style picks. My friend Brit and I were out Christmas shopping this weekend and she was desperately trying to get me to say what I love about rings and which ones I'd love...I just can't explain it! It has to be ...... I don't know, simple, clean, chic, blingy, these are the words I use for most everything I love in fashion. So finding fur that encompassed these needs used to be fruitless! Thankfully the style times changed and the kind of fur I like is everywhere. I'm going kinda fur crazy now. No really.

I have always loved SimplyBe, from the very first catalog I received in the mail that felt like a plus size Instyle Magazine or something, so when we connected and professed our mutual love for each other (while in NY at FFFWeek I met with the UK executive team over tea and croissants??!) my life was complete. LOL

This Joe Brown vintage faux fur jacket is beyond amazing. I love the huge collar, the pockets, the lining, everything. I know it's spendy but if you get money for Christmas or a credit limit increase then treat yourself to this baby. I feel more fabulous when I define my waist with a belt lik this belt from Asos Curve, which was the perfect chic accessory (wearing size 20/22). Wore over my fav Torrid Peplum dress, the one I wore on the morning show segment and finished with a gorgeous animal platform pump.

I encourage you to explore the world of fur if you're one of the few left who isn't obsessed :).

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