Happy Monday

Monday, December 10, 2012

Happy Monday loves!

Had a great weekend with the hubby and kiddo partaking in the local holiday festivities. And, have been so completely spoiled with brands sending me clothes that I've officially BANNED any gift giving from my friends and family to me...well, unless it's in the form of dollars for me to save for the trip to London...if ONLY United Airways took clothes in exchange for a plane ticket. I just don't get it?!! LOL But seriously, I can't even believe how blessed I am. I consider it an honor when a company believes in you enough to trust you to wear and shoot pictures in their clothing, and especially when it's clothing I would buy anyways! Gah. Gotta pinch myself sometimes. And believe me... I KNOW it's ONLY because of my readers, YOU, that I'm living my dream. Thank you so much for supporting me, it means the world to me! Sorry to send you loves notes every post...something about the lights and garland and glitter that makes me all mushyyyy.

I shot this outfit the other day with my bestie Mandy. I was just sent this sweater from SimplyBe and truthfully, when I first saw it I didn't think it was that special. BUT THEN I PUT IT ON! It came to life and now I think I will wear it daily. It's crazy how an item comes to life after you put it on your body...which is why you must ALWAYS try stuff on! This gem would have never entered my closet if I didn't try it on. So, yes, obsessed. Adding my white capris (just add boots and looked like pants!) and my new wide calf boot beauties from Torrid and you have a comfortable, chic and freaking fab outfit. I think the only thing this outfit is missing is a string of lights! :)

Happy Holidays and come say hi on IG @jessica_kane!

Outfit Links & Details

Boot Calf Sizing by size: 7 fits up to 17.2", 8 - 17.8", 9 - 18.4", 10 - 19", 11 - 19.6", 12 - 20.2", 13 - 20.8"

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