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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Shhhhhh, gonna tell you about a secret that me and my 4 million friends know about :).

If you're instagram obsessed like me, then you get irritated too that you can't click links or really shop the great looks you find!!! You love the glasses, you say, hey....where can I get those glasses, and they give you the link, but you can't click the you have to open new windows and try to find the flipping glasssesssssss.... honestly?! LOL

So, if you want to actually SHOP what you see on your friends, you will DIE for the POSE app! I'm so excited and honored to work with these ladies and asked to help grow the plus size section of the community. See it's really like a pinterest + instagram fashion hybrid that makes shopping looks and getting inspiration so much easier. You can see and share BOTH photos AND videos! So cool.

Best part for bloggers like me? Affiliate commissions are an important part to paying for our blogging habit, LOL, and POSE works with RewardStyle! RewardStyle is an affiliate platform for bloggers, so if you have RS and would love to share your RS links and get commissions, POSE works seemlessly with it!!

Super Secret Insider Preview! 

POSE is launching a completely redesigned iPhone app & website tomorrow!
You can now:
  • SAVE your poses to collections on iPhone
  • DOUBLE TAP to love
  • Links are now CLICKABLE
  • LOVE and SHARE your collections from any Pose platform
  • Watch VIDEO poses or SHOP poses directly from the 'video' and 'shop' feeds

Now go download POSE (psst, it's FREE!) 
and find me at jessicakane.

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