Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Why am I thinking about Vegas? Partly because one of my hubby's fav girls, poker goddess Lacey Jones,  just got married and he was kinda bummed and partly because one of my new friends Giselle Grayson is there and begging me to come down and play!

So I thought, well hell, if I was going to jump on my private jet to Vegas *cough* then what would a girl wear? I went virtual shopping for those of you who probably have the jet and are headed there soon! You're welcome :). LOL

Next up, dreaming about what in the world to wear to London for Plus Size Fashion Week! Dying excited, is it really true? Going to leave now to pinch myself.

Top & Pants & Bra at Lane Bryant
Bag & Earrings from Forever21
Shoes from Torrid

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