Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Lately, I've been wrestling with being adventurous with my style and yet staying true to ME. It's so hard! I'm like a distracted 4 year old with puppies and butterflies pulling me every direction and I just want to play with everything! LOL So, when I was sent these leggings my heart sang a bit. They were so simply me, something that perfectly showcases my true style: chic, classic with a bit of sophisticated sass. When I saw them I instantly knew what I wanted to pair them with.

As a blogger, it's hard to not get sucked into every outfit being like a patch of new years fireworks. You want to make a splash and sparkle! But for some reason I had it in my head that my favorite color combo of black and white no longer sparkled. Pretty much left over color addiction from summer I'm sure, but this outfit brought me back to center.

Thank you SOOO much to my new bestie Freddie who reached out to me on Facebook insisting I needed to try his leggings. You're a gem and your love for fashion for big girls is evident in the quality and attention to detail that is poured into every garment. I look forward to seeing more from you and thank you for offering my readers a generous discount on these leggings.

Lastly, I wish you, my amazing readers and friends a joyous Thanksgiving. On this eve, I sit here writing you ladies (and gents :) and looking at my life and the amazing circle around me, the letters from around the world, the ability to work with brands that just 6 years ago I thought would be a dream....I am so beyond thankful and blessed for this new kind of family that fills my heart - YOU. Thank you, you make my dreams a reality and I'm forever thankful. HAPPY THANKSGIVING MY LOVES!

And, if you're looking for Black Friday Sales Scoops - my friends did a much better job than I could dream of - LOL - visit these ladies!


Thank you to My Freddie B. for these leggings and highly recommend you snap up a pair. He's offering a super sweet discount too! Don't get spooked by the sizing when you see S-XL, here's the chart...

These leggings are only $26 after the discount! Snap them up gorgeous.

PLUS there's more! SWAK DESIGNS is holding a fun sale.

 50 Items for 50% Off! Use code TURKEY50 to save... CLICK POSTER >>

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