Thursday, November 29, 2012

What a week it's been! So many great projects and prospects and ultimately, feeling more confident in my choice to focus on my brand (blogging/skorch mag/speaking/etc) and less on my agency. I've worked from home for the last few years and have a good agency with clients that are like family, but my heart only sings (how corny I know that sounds) when I'm doing everything I can to empower women.

Life is so short and I'm not going to end it asking...what if. It is this philosophy that has helped me move forward from judgement being passed on me and the fact that I won't make everyone happy or even like me.  We can't live for anyone else but ourselves. A good friend and mentor told me today, you have to start with taking care of YOU, then the family, then everyone else. It's so true, as women we instinctually put ourselves last to take care of everyone around us...however by doing this we aren't living to our full potential, which is needed to truly take care of our family. And clothes can seem like such a silly thing, but they hold SO much power over us and our attitude, it's a form of communicating. What are you communicating?

I love you and thank you for your continued support in my dreams as a confidence crusader. <3 br="br">Happy Holidays

I can't even tell you how much fun this skirt is! It's the new mesh skirt from SWAK Designs and it feels so freaking luxurious. The layers are simply stunning and the waistband is a black elastic that fits so comfortably. I paired with my fav red peplum top from Fashion to Figure (yes! tuck the peplum UNDER the skirt for more va-voom) and wore with my fav sequin belt, just twisted around so the buckle was in the back. 

Photography by Mandy Allen  ~  Follow on Instagram @mandys_view

Mesh skirt from SWAK Designs Comes in Magenta, Teal and Black! 

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