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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Nothing makes an eyebrow raise quicker than me telling someone I'm really a rocker at heart. Like, the kind of rocker that REALLY digs leather jackets, boots, metal jams on the iPod, the extra f-bomb here and there and the ultimate live concert experience all while sipping a martini of course! In fact, in my early twenties, my core group of friends were covered in gorgeous tatoo'd sleeves and I nearly ended up with a Bettie Page tatoo on my right shoulder thanks to their convincing! Thank God for that moment of clarity to cancel the appointment.

I think the struggle for any 30-something former badass is how to still be cool but keep it age appropriate. For me, my trick is the perfect faux leather jacket and boots. These are the ones I recently featured on my haul video from Lane Bryant Outlet store, watch it here! Unfortunately these pieces are no longer available, but here are some ideas and alternatives if you're on the hunt for a little bad in your wardrobe.

  • Check out my Ultimate Wide Calf Boot Guide for my top 12 picks, there are a few that are similar.
  • For me there are two perfect collars for faux leather jackets - this one below and the moto-jacket lapel kind. If you love this collar here are some others you would like then as well... this one from Mynt1792 and this one from Alloy for only $30+. Then check my leather jacket post for a few more of my favorites here.
Now the denim. I have to give a HUGE shout to Torrid. Since 2006, when I started caring about plus size fashion, plus size denim has come a LONNGGGGG way. Torrid has so stepped up their game in the denim department and it makes me oh so very happy. What's the big deal you ask? Two things, fit and fabric. The fit is perfection with a nice skinny ankle and perfect waist but the fabric is the star. These jeggings, the Indigo, feel like luxury velvety denim. I don't know how else to put into words how amazing they feel. Every girl needs this as a staple in her wardrobe.

Embrace who you are and know that you control the judgement that dims or brightens your star. Choose to shine baby, choose to shine.


Outfit Links
Top ~ Hello Kitty T from Old Navy
Jacket, Sunnies & Boots ~ Lane Bryant Outlet

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