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Monday, September 19, 2011

It's blazers like these that make me want to have one in every color/pattern! This is the creme de le' creme Torrid 3/4 Sleeve Tuxedo blazer that is the #1 favorite thing in my closet. I dream about one in light pink, fuschia, cobalt blue with white trim and red, but alas no one makes what I want when I want it. And, it's this blazer that has made my heart stir.......

It's funny how life works out. I moved to Portland in 2004 to go to the Art Institute to follow my passion for fashion and enroll in apparel design, however, my real world budget couldn't handle the price tag and I had to pay the bills - so I started working in what I knew best - operations/business management. After a year or so, my passion kept calling me and I thought maybe I'd open a plus boutique - to rival my favorite Torrid? I decided to take up a part time job at Torrid to check out the daily life of boutique management. I was quickly offered a management position, while flattering, I had to say no, because I had been running other people's businesses my whole life - I was great at it - but it wasn't my calling - it wasn't my passion.

Then, came the day I decided to start a plus size publication, way back in the myspace days. If I couldn't have a boutique like Torrid, I'd have a magazine that made me feel the same way. The giants of the day were Bombshell Magazine and Plus Model Mag was up and coming, there were no blogs really - it was 2005, and no one was producing a digital magazine, and I knew I could.... so I partnered with Carrie Woomer and we started Skorch Mag. 

Now, fast forward 6 years later, 1 kiddo, re-married, started my own business - TWICE - created a blog and have amazing readers and connections to do really whatever I want....and here I am, dreaming of making fashion again. Dreaming of what I KNOW is stirring in my heart - my true passion - making gorgeous clothes - affordable clothes - clothes for sizes 2-32. 

I truly do think clothes can change a women's point of view of herself, I know when I put on this blazer, my mood instantly changes and I magically feel amazing. 

........I hope that someday, someone will say the same about my clothes on their body. That will be an amazing day.

Night out with my friend Mandy, love her bright yellow bag!! 
My outfit: Blazer - Torrid, Tank & Necklace - Avenue, Watch- Kohls, Bag - Lane Bryant/Jessica Simpson

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