day at the beach

Monday, September 12, 2011

Thankfully my hubby and I got to take our little man to the beach! Too bad the Oregon Coast water is ohhhhhhhhh ummm around 90000 below ZERO!! No really, holy eff cold. And, our little Kyle was no bueno with freezing water, or the 7 mile hike out to the ocean. Really, people.

First, I wore flip flops, not a good idea at all to walk in sand. I successfully flipped a pound of sand right down the back of myself. Then, the sand was so hot I couldn't walk barefoot, so I made my hubby give me his socks!!! ahhahahah - was so funny. Poor guy.

So we finally get out to the water, and Kyle is so tired from the walk and hot sand, he doesn't want to play and wants to go back home. Thankfully, hubby loves ocean and kyle loves mommy's camera. And, well mommy loves happy boys. :) *cheese*

My favorite picture of the day, Kyle snapping shots of daddy in the ocean.

Like the Vegas strip, no's just right over there, we can walk there in no time!! AHAHAAH can you see the ocean?? It's out there.

Thankfully we met a very cool family who took some quick family shots for us.

My favorite men in the world, my family. They mean everything to me.

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