I introduce you to the New SKORCH

Thursday, September 01, 2011

I am so excited to show you guys the newest issue of SKORCH. For those of you who don't know my story, I co-founded SKORCH in 2006 with Carrie Woomer. The mag was on fire and doing amazing, but then life stepped in and threw us about 2000 curve balls. One of which was that I was pregnant. My beautiful baby boy was born on Sept. 3, 2008 (yes, he's 3 this weekend) and even though I tried to bring SKORCH back again in spring 2010, I just wasn't ready.

I realized later that I had suffered from PPD, but never knew it. I just knew I wasn't me and couldn't get back to myself. Fast forward to about 5 months ago, I really started feeling amazing and back on fire. You know I started my own marketing agency, and now I'm excited to say SKORCH is back....but with a new focus.

Back in the day, we focused on the models...but I don't relate to them and I figure most of you don't considering the questions I get from readers daily. And, as a blogger, my eyes have completely opened up to the amazing style of the bloggers and normal gals like you and me.

To kick off the new direction right, I introduce you to Nadia Aboulhosn. The second I saw her blog, I was so inspired and just knew she had to be the featured blogger. Plus, she's a sweetheart and so professional, just an amazing gal. You're going to love her images!!!

So, check out the newest issue of SKORCH. Let me know what you think. The hope is you'll get inspired....like we did.

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