the day I wore brown *GASP*

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I wore brown the other day! And, I kinda liked it. It was nice to stray from my usual pairings of blazers and jeggings and refreshing to let the wind blow up my skirt. *BWHHAHAHA*

A very cool chick, Lindsey Kremkau of Trade Chic (a plus size boutique in the Seattle WA area and online store), sent this to me to try and I remember the first time cringing at the sight of myself in a very earthy looking dress! But, one day, I was feeling adventurous and it just goes to show how what we THINK we look like is ALL MENTAL.

If you say, I look damn sexy, well, you're bound to look damn sexy ;).

Thanks Linds for the fun in the dress! And, Katie for playing at the fountain with me.

Jessica   /   /  /

Dress - Trade Chic Boutique

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