there is life after a size 18...

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Once upon a time I was unhappy and a size 28. I found it within myself to starve off 125 pounds (got to size 18), and while this was absolutely unhealthy, it was the key to finding my self confidence. That was 8 years ago and a lot has changed for me since then. Mostly, I had a baby and am happily married - can you guess it? Yep, the weight is ALL back. But you know what? I am just as confident as I was then. I now realize the weight was not the problem, how I looked at myself was.

While trying on clothes for a fun fashion post, my brain stopped me for a second to remind myself that my legs are not the best (always have hated my knees), I don't have a tan and my son gave me a fresh bruise. But you know what? I don't give a sh*t. Honestly. I don't think I'm the most wretched looking monster on the planet and while I do wear a size 28 pants, I refuse to hibernate and wear maxi dresses 24/7 (even though they are totally comfy!). I am human, I have flaws and I love my body. My hope is at least one girl who refuses to wear shorts and take full body pictures will see this and somehow be inspired to stop hating herself. I started this fashion blog to help give a voice to the big girls out there and shout from the rooftops, you can FEEL and LOOK gorgeous if you believe it....there is life after a size 18.

Join my "full body shot" project now at where you can upload your full body picture to give your vote of curvy confidence to other women who can relate to you.

The most comfy wedges EVER! Just got them at Target.

Outfit Deets:
Top - Lane Bryant
Shorts - Old Navy Plus Size
Shoes - Target
Necklace - Target *Flower is a pin-on that I got at a garage sale*
Handbag - COACH 2 year anniversary pressy from the hubby :)


welcoming summer with a dose of color...

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Living in Vancouver, WA is rough for a sun worshiper like me, but I make due and when the sun does make an appearance I celebrate by wearing some color. Most of my wardrobe is admittedly basic - I like classic and chic, hate prints and refuse to wear anything with a bow there for no reason at all, I steer clear of weird colors and cuts, but I do celebrate when I find teal, purple and fuchsia...I snap it up in a second! Today I paired my fabulous white distressed capris with a bright teal top with awesome pink collar (genius!) and bright fuchsia flats. I was in heaven!
And, of course I had to pop my collar, because "i ain't skerred." *laughing*

Photography by Jessica Kane.

Outfit Deets:
Top - Old Navy - 3x Plus Size
Pants - Gifted from Old Navy - Size 28
Shoes - Target - Size 11
Hair Color - L'Oreal color 4AR  *LOL* People ASK! :)


Exclusive First Look at Eliza Parker

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I am so thrilled to be one of the first bloggers to review the new line Eliza Parker. The line has gotten a lot of chatter on facebook and when they contacted me, I was delighted to try one of the staple pieces of their line....the Venice Dress. I'm no Fluvia (the face of Eliza Parker), but I can say I FELT like Fluvia, even though I'm a size 26/28! :)

Here's the rest of my review:

Additional shots while on my business meeting with Dream Models Inc. owner Alis Mao!

Outfit Deets:
Dress - - Venice Dress size 26/28
Shoes - Payless
Necklace -
Bag -


new friends...

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Celebrating a fantastic Saturday night is great with new friends. I was out on the town to celebrate a birthday for my girl Jamie who owns Rumours Day Spa and while out, met some new friends as well. I spotted a girl with my jacket so I instantly walked up and told her she must take a picture with me to show off the thing you know her entire crew was over and taking a group picture. I seriously love cool chicks, we were all bonded by our love for martinis and zebra.

I went for my staple hair/makeup look which is the straight hair, bangs, and smokey eye. I need to do some sort of video, but for now I'll tell you I use L'Oreal HIP gel liner in black then put the HIP black over it to blend...that's it!

And, I had fun putting a little video together for the evening....hope you enjoy.

Ready for the night. Posing with my car outside my house.

With my new friend Tabetha Brenner and her fabulous Lane Bryant zebra coat!

Outfit Deets:
Top -
Pants - Houston Trousers from LB - Red 7s
Shoes - Payless
Handbag - Liz C @ Ross
Bracelets - Torrid


THE DISH with Jessica Kane | Special Guest Meghan Tonjes PART 1

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Thank you SOOO much to Meghan for being my first victim, you're so nice and AWESOME! I honestly had fun and hope you find this interview/chat refreshing. I want to get to know amazing people and I'm thinking you do too! Let me know what you think. Part 2 and 3 coming soon to my youtube channel at

To connect with Meghan and buy her amazing music - go to
For those few who don't know Meghan, she is one of the most amazing musicians I know. She is most definitely a YouTube star and seems to have impressed Mr. Perez Hilton too...see here!

To connect with Meghan and buy her amazing music - go to
Project Lifesize-

Episode 1 PART 1 | In this part - Meghan and Jessica talk about Kendra's sex tape, the word fluffy v. fat, bluetooth quandries, Meghan on, diet tricks from the magazines and Chastity Garner's book Curvy Girls Guide to Style...Part 2 and 3 coming soon to my youtube channel at

Jessica Kane of dishes with the movers and shakers of fashion and entertainment over celebs, fashion and more. Get one-on-one with your favorite personalities with THE DISH. Real Talk. Unedited. Love Skype!


painting the town jessica&brittany

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I had the BEST day with my one of my besty's (yes, that's so high school, but whatever!) Brit. She lives three hours south so we wanted to paint the town Jessica&Brittany! After getting the appropriate amount of makeup on our faces to be in public and picking out cute yet comfy outfits (and cutting my bangs back to blunt cut), we decided to drive around and see where life took us...and Brit wanted to break in her new car.

First stop, the heart of Portland. It was really industrial down there and we loved the windows and buildings, so we had to stop to take pictures.

Of course I had to pose with Brit's new car, it's so foxy.

Then Brit thought my behind was foxy. I have to admit, my Old Navy jeans do my ace (nice word for ass) nicely.

Hi. I have a lot of makeup on, but I LOVE it! :) Only took 10 minutes!

This is how we roll. Brit is fancy with Coach flip flops, which I talked her into while at Nordy's...she was suffering from blisters, so we popped in and found these on clearance!  Mine are guessed it....Payless! :)

Before the adventure got too far in, we needed food and liquor. Thank you Red Robin! My drink of choice is always the lemon drop - this was like a lemon PITCHER. genius.

Then we decided to go conquer our fear of heights and ride the Ferris Wheel at the Rose Festival going on downtown.

After that, Brit kicked my butt at the horsey game...dumb game.

Then we wondered off to the bowling alley near my was cosmo night! Brit is pro w/ her ball and shoes ( I was just jealous because I gave mine away!). This is my victory dance.

I got the most fashionable pair I could find in a MEN'S SIZE 10!!!!! LOL...I'm such a big foot dork!

Well that's the event recap, here are the outfit deets:

My outfit: Top - Ross   Scarf - Merona for Target   Jeans - Old Navy Plus size 28    Shoes - Payless    Handbag - COACH

Brit's outfit: Top- Torrid   Jeans - Hydraulic from Macy's    Shoes - COACH     Car - Scion TC :)

Plus, was thinking about doing a makeup tutorial on this you want to know??? LOL

I'm giving away my B&LU Raquel Dress size 4x - enter now!

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I'm giving my closet away! Enter to win a size 4x B and Lu Raquel Dress in Lipstick Red. This dress is SUPER popular and sold out on

Enter by leaving a comment at the CC30 Facebook page and I will use random # picker to choose winner. Winner will be announced Friday June 18.

***If you're not a size 26/28, give to a friend you love who might need a fabulous evening/cocktail dress!! or have it tailored!***

Enter... now by commenting on the CC30 page at!

My version of Work-At-Home Mom Fashion

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Working from home doesn't have to mean sweats and a 't' the entire time. I admit, when I wake up, I don't feel like busting out the Chi and makeup, but for me - it just gets me motivated and feeling good after I do. So today, I decided to dress up like I would if I were "going into work." This was coming home after picking up my little man from the babysitter. Full day of work - check. Kiddo happy - check. Mommy feeling fabulous - check.

As a side note - I don't wear spanx or kimora or any other body shaper...I find them uncomfortable and to be honest - it puts the fat where I don't want it to go - LOL. Just being real here!

Outfit Deets:
Blazer - Torrid size 3
Top - Lane Bryant size 22
Pants - Lane Bryant Houston Trousers in Red 7 (always buy a size down on these - trust me!)
Shoes - Payless size 11Wide
Necklace - Cookie Lee from a tradeshow
Handbag - Liz C from Ross
Sunglasses - Curvy Girl Clothing "designer inspired"...I never pay for actual designer sunglasses - I'm way too hard on them.


ROCKING my curves - Literally

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One thing I love most in life is a great rock concert! I know I look like a hip hopper/popper (that is so Limp Bizkit - by the way - I actually miss them...don't judge), but the only concerts I go to are rock concerts. My girlfriends Brittany and Rachel are my wingmen and we know how to make the best out of floor "seats" and $12 4sip drinks...seriously - $12?!!! Geez, I swear, I could so smuggle in a 5th of Goose in my 42DD Cacique Bra and no one would suspect a thing, again no judging!! Did I mention I mildly enjoyed the mandatory pat-down when entering? :)

Looking back at my wardrobe choice, I think maybe I should have double-thought the scarf, but it was comfy and silver, my favorite scarf. I knew I'd be sweating and jumping around like a crazy woman, so the 4" heels were so out of the question. I think if I struted my size 26/28 ass in a rock concert in 4" heels, I'd be laughed at, and 30 minutes later you'd find me barefoot with them tied around my neck. For reals. *laughing*

So here are some of my favorite shots of the night. Brittany is on the left, me in the middle and Rachel on the right. Man - I love these girls!

Waiting in line....fashionably. :)

I matched my silver wristband - so chic.

Standard "myspace pose".

Few drinks in - intermission. Gettin' my groove on.

You do it too - admit it. :)

LOVED the concert!                                                    hmm....scarf, yes or no?

Outfit Deets:
Top- Old Navy Plus Tank Top - Size 3x
Scarf - Merona from Target
Jeans - Old Navy Plus Jeans - Size 28
Flip Flops - Target
Necklace - Target


Style Profile | Meet Faith Spencer

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I have the best job in the world, honestly, I love Kane Kreative. I get to take pretty pretty pictures of some of the most beautiful women, and yes, most are "curvy". One of my favorite ladies recently is Faith Spencer. She's a makeup artist from Vancouver WA, a cover girl for Skorch Magazine and exudes true style. I think what I love most about Faith is that she has an unassuming beauty with 100% humility, the kind of girl that doesn't even think she's all that.
She is curvy and confident, but not 30something (I don't discriminate! :).

I was inspired by her unique look to shoot in the forest behind her the end, it almost looks as though she's a curvy Twilight cast member. I could definitely see her on Team Edward - how about you?

Outfit Deets:
Top - American Rag from Macy's
Jeans - Charlotte Russe size 15
Jewelry - BP Nordstrom and Icing

Photography by Jessica Kane of Kane Kreative.