What to wear to a power meeting?

Monday, May 03, 2010

So what do I want to be when I grow up? Honestly, a fierce creative business woman and a fashion-forward inspiring mom....hm, I think I'm there! *laughing*

For those of you who do not know what I do, I am the publisher/owner of Skorch Magazine, owner/creator of Clique Mixer, owner Kane Kreative, and s mommy & wifey. I work from home 100% of the time, and yes, I'm going completely stir crazy!! :) Thus the creation of this super awesome blog!! *another chuckle*

My fashion week is like this:
    Mon, Wed, Fri - WAHM (work at home mom) - jeans/tanks/casual
    Tues & Thurs - All Business with meetings/interviews/site tours
    Weekends - Casual or Dressy for an event

So, as you can see, this fashion entry is dedicated to Power-Meeting Tuesday when I met with the VP of Pollin Hotels, who owns Aloft Hotel in Portland, OR, to discuss an event partnership with Clique Mixer.  Then, a trip to the grocery store! Totally posh :). Hope it inspired you.

Ps - Down 10 lb's! woo hoo!

Oh yah, I'm shopping....I think it's hilarious that the aisle I chose to take this picture was me in the candy and chips aisle!! LOL -  I swear I was just walking through and it was the only aisle without any photo bombers!

Outfit Deets:

Blazer - LOVE the back detailing!


Lane Bryant - Sateen pleated back jacket $69.50

Top - Vintage Lane Bryant - I bought up EVERY color when they went on clearance. The essential satin sleeveless blouse.

Pants - As usual, Lane Bryant Houston Trousers. 

Sunglasses - Curvy Girl Clothing

Shoes -

What do you think? I love to hear your comments.

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  1. I like this outfit. It's so springy and cute. I thought I was the only one who actually likes to look fly grocery shopping. I always imagine that I am in a romantic comedy and I will meet the love of my life in the dairy isle.

  2. Perfect classic outfit for meetings. In this look you could wow anyone,

  3. Love the look & love the jacket.
    Shame i cant find a jacket around here.

  4. You look great ;D !

    I added you to my blogroll !



  5. @savonne - Thank you so much for commenting! I'm def so glad it's spring :)

    @sabrina - you are so kind, thank you so much.

    @adeliaa - thank you! I'm sorry too!

    @sakina - you're so sweet, thanks for coming by and commenting! I feel special now :) xoxo

  6. Hello,

    thanks for commenting on my blog but are you sure it was with me you wanted to hang out or the girl I was introducing on the last post? If it was for her, I will be very glad to give you her contacts and you will keep on touch via fbk ;-)
    See you!

  7. Jess, you always look amazing! I heart you! :)

  8. You look fab! I would hire you in an instant! :)

    I hope you`ll accept a blogger award from me :)


    xoxox Anika

  9. Thanks for your post.You´ve goy a very nice blog,and I love all the outfits I´ve seen.Really nice job.
    Un Beso ^^

  10. You look lovely and powerful! Work it girl!

  11. OH MY GOSH! Thank you for all the comments! Feel so lovveed. :) you are ALL too nice to me! My head might swell LOL...xoxo

  12. OoOo! very professional indeed! u look fab hun!

  13. I just found your blog, and absolutely love it! It is so important to find clothes (for work) that are cute, comfy and attractive. It is so hard to find blouses for work since all the button up shirts that most women can wear, pucker for me. I love love love love your blouse! I am in the market. Thanks for all the great posts!


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