110 Old Street

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

When packing for my trip to London, I couldn't imagine not bringing my Joe Browns Faux Fur Coat from SimplyBe, even if it took up as much space as a small child - really, I'm slightly obsessed. Thankfully, the most perfect occasion presented itself on a chilly night at 110 Old Street. After hustling all over London via public transit, it was a delightful treat to splurge on a taxi to zip us to dinner with the production staff of British Plus Size Fashion Weekend. Mandy and I took advantage of a quiet moment after dinner to snap some proper blog pictures for you to show off my pretty red pleated dress from Torrid with my favorite fur coat :).

Another obsession as of late...
black and white editing.

xo jessica

Photography by Mandy Allen 
Shoes from Payless
Accessories from Forever21
Wristlet/Phone Holder from Charlotte Russe

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