London Day 1 | Piccadilly Circus & Harrods

Monday, March 04, 2013

As a professional, I'm shaming myself for taking so long to compile the blog posts for British Plus Size Fashion Weekend, but as girl who enjoyed one of the most exhilarating weeks of her life, it's understandable it took 2 weeks to digest what happened and process the images to tell the whole story. This story deserved more than the quicky put up pictures and be on my way attention, I wanted you to relive it with me and it took till now to make that happen. So, here is blog 1 of my journey to London that was made possible by our amazing and supportive sponsor, Northwest College. Let's GO!

06:00 Wednesday February 13th
They day started so early, but I was packed and planned for the trip. After dropping off the kiddo to preschool and picking up my travel mates, Mandy Allen (best friend and business partner/photographer) and Sarabeth Chambers (Portland Fashion Week business partner), I was ready to break in my crispy new passport.

{above} A long flight requires comfortable clothing.
Wore my raspberry SWAK leggings and some arm candy from Charlotte Russe.

Made it to the gorgeous Houston airport. Fueled up on Jamba Juice and pretzels.
Being that my best friend and travel mate has traveled the world many times, she knew to force me to sleep on the flight over to London. Unfortunately, I just got a few hour cat nap and a migraine.
After landing at Heathrow, Mandy somehow convinced my exhausted body to keep moving and after dropping off our bags at the hotel, made our way via the tube to Harrods. I really wish I could have enjoyed it more, if only the ground wasn't moving an extra foot every time I walked? Man, never in my LIFE have I EVER understood "exhaustion" until that day. The ground moved and the earth swirled, and all I could do was drink lots of water and stay hydrated.

Thankfully we had tea at Harrods and the sugar and caffeine started to make me feel better. We had the most amazing Vanilla tea which in retrospect I really wish I had purchased.

Had to check out Top Shop on High Street. Was pretty gorgeous and loved some of the accessories, but nothing for a plus size girl to wear.

Then we made our way to Picadilly Circus, which was explained to me as London's Times Square. I really had no idea what to expect, but was delightfully greeted with lights, tourists, shops and energy. Plus! Mandy and I were stopped by this lady wanting to know if we wanted to appear on the Jumbo-tron, being exhausted and looking a bit un-glam we almost declined, but what a once in a lifetime opportunity! So, we gave in....

Being a marketing dork, I was SOOOOO excited to see her gadget and learn about their engagement program! So cool, definitely keeping this system in mind for future events of mine.

There we are! She asked what we wanted to say and all our jet lagged brains would allow was..... I LOVE YOU. lols!!

Thankfully, we survived the necessary hours to get to bed late enough to get our body clocks in order for the next 4 days of activity. Headed back on what would be our best friend for the next few days, the London Tube, to Shoreditch to our hotel The RE for much needed sleep.

For the rest of my journey in London - please see earlier blog posts coming up next.

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