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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Oh my gosh it's been so hard this last month to do some outfit posts! I'm now 45 days into my healthy lifestyle change (not a diet, but I guess you could call it that) where my typical day has been lacking in the style department. I've been trying to take snapshots while out working with my clients via my instagram (@jessica_kane), but most of that is hardly "blog" worthy.

Truly, my typical day is:
  • Wake up at 7am.
  • Convince 3yo he wants to get up to by singing super loud and letting him hide from the light under his covers. *LOL*
  • Get my workout clothes on - or swimsuit - I switch up the routine with treadmill and swimming laps.
  • Get kyle to daycare by 8am.
  • Get to gym by 8:30am.
  • Work out and get home by 9:15
  • Shower and debate whether I care about the hair and makeup since I just need to get some work done (nearly 10am!)!
  • Usually skip the 45 minutes to blowdry hair and makeup routine....
  • And just switch to comfy workout clothes to work at my desk.
  • Get son, make dinner, hang with boys, get about 2 hours at night to work more, make lunches, clean up house, deal with laundry...
  • then bed.
Glamorous right?! :D
After venting to my bestie Mandy about what the hell to do, she suggested that I keep it real and show the real me that isn't out clothes shopping right this moment and show how I re-work items in my wardrobe for the occasions I need to get gussied up (like the last post).

Of course she's a genius and I decided to rework one of my blog's all time top post items - the Simply Be Purple cardigan. I love love love Simply Be and more love their sizes are TRUE to size and I can know I'm going to fit.
I wanted to show a new way to wear it and with the summery nights coming on, you can wear the long sleeved pieces by just rolling up the sleeves and wearing less layers. I opted for no undershirt and just belted the cardi like a wrap top. So, I took this gorgeous piece from day to night! 

Here's how I wore it last time ... full post here.

My tips to take an outfit from day to night:

  • Shoes - something shiny, strapy, heel, sparkles.
  • Earrings - more dramatic earring can spice up an outfit in an instant. These long stone ones with the yellow really pop off the purple cardi.
  • Hair - take it up, styled with some teasing and maybe hair band.
  • Makeup - First, more bronzer ;) And, I like dark lips and winged eye-liner OR dark smokey eyes and nude lips.
  • Pants - Leave the jeans at home, you need a bold white/colored pant or slack.
  • My fav tip - show your shape! ;) I prefer Vneck to show some cleavage and using a belt to show off my waist.

Earrings c/o IGIGI black ones here // Cardi c/o Simply Be // Pants Jessica London // Shoes c/o Torrid *buy size down* here // Belt 10 years old :)

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