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What a week it's been! So many great projects and prospects and ultimately, feeling more confident in my choice to focus on my brand (blogging/skorch mag/speaking/etc) and less on my agency. I've worked from home for the last few years and have a good agency with clients that are like family, but my heart only sings (how corny I know that sounds) when I'm doing everything I can to empower women.

Life is so short and I'm not going to end it asking...what if. It is this philosophy that has helped me move forward from judgement being passed on me and the fact that I won't make everyone happy or even like me.  We can't live for anyone else but ourselves. A good friend and mentor told me today, you have to start with taking care of YOU, then the family, then everyone else. It's so true, as women we instinctually put ourselves last to take care of everyone around us...however by doing this we aren't living to our full potential, which is needed to truly take care of our family. And clothes can seem like such a silly thing, but they hold SO much power over us and our attitude, it's a form of communicating. What are you communicating?

I love you and thank you for your continued support in my dreams as a confidence crusader. <3 br="br">Happy Holidays

I can't even tell you how much fun this skirt is! It's the new mesh skirt from SWAK Designs and it feels so freaking luxurious. The layers are simply stunning and the waistband is a black elastic that fits so comfortably. I paired with my fav red peplum top from Fashion to Figure (yes! tuck the peplum UNDER the skirt for more va-voom) and wore with my fav sequin belt, just twisted around so the buckle was in the back. 

Photography by Mandy Allen  ~  Follow on Instagram @mandys_view

Mesh skirt from SWAK Designs Comes in Magenta, Teal and Black! 

Maximum Delight

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So loving this outfit, can't even explain the awesome I felt wearing. SUPER. FUN. I've been dreaming of a fun plus size pleated maxi skirt since I was mesmerised by Youtheary Khmer at Full Figured Fashion Week (she was just on Ricki Lake too!) and later, even more, after I was asked to model for her! Check out my first commercial modeling debut! So freaking cool, love that girl, she's the REAL deal.

So when SWAK Designs got this beautiful plus size maxi skirt in, I was yelling MINE MINE MINE!

I command every girl to go buy one now! LOL It comes in 3 colors; Jade (what I'm wearing), Eggplant and Black.


Photography by Mandy Allen ~  Follow on Instagram @mandys_view

Shrug c/o Fashion to Figure Size 3X $22
Belt c/o Torrid (came on a pair of shorts) Similar Versions Size 22
Black Lace Tank c/o Torrid last season Similar Version Size 2 $20

Fashion Capitals

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Been doing some research on a book Mandy and I are working on, which has changed titles and scope about 12 times...but hey, that's all part of the creative process. And since that process includes being distracted by all things social media, while wasting  researching on pinterest I saw this super cool graphic by La Redoute. Love this. Making me dream of traveling the world and ACTUALLY experiencing the fashion capitals.... awww a blogger can dream - or be bought *wink*!

Enter to Win #NYEGlamOver Presented by Mynt1792 and Lit Cosmetics

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So I had this crazy idea and emailed my two fav plus size fashion and beauty bloggers with said crazy idea, and they wrote back excited and heck yes! I asked them if they would partner with me for a fun holiday glam makeover contest, we three love helping our viewers and readers feel more confident and fabulous and I want you to meet them! So, watch the video and enter to win! XOXO

Enter to win the #NYEGlamOver contest hosted by Cora of Vintage or Tacky, PassionJonesz and Jessica Kane. We have joined forces to bring you plus size style and beauty tips and give you a chance to get GLAMMED over for the Holidays. Thank you to our presenting sponsors Lit Cosmetics and Mynt1792! 

Three winners will win and here are the prizes:
$150 Gift Card to http://www.mynt1792.com
A 3 Stack Lit Kit from http://www.litcosmetics.com
And a Professional Flat Iron valued at $100

Meet the Hosts
Cora http://www.vintageortacky.com & http://www.youtube.com/vintageortacky
Passion http://www.youtube.com/passionjonesz & http://www.passionjonesz.blogspot.com
Jessica http://www.lifeandstyleofjessica.com & http://www.youtube.com/jkanebaby

Enter to win at http://www.NyeGlamOver.com. Get extra entries to win by Instagramming/Tweeting your glam self to #NYEGlamOver!! 

Contest ends December 13th 2012 and the winners will be drawn December 14th!


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Lately, I've been wrestling with being adventurous with my style and yet staying true to ME. It's so hard! I'm like a distracted 4 year old with puppies and butterflies pulling me every direction and I just want to play with everything! LOL So, when I was sent these leggings my heart sang a bit. They were so simply me, something that perfectly showcases my true style: chic, classic with a bit of sophisticated sass. When I saw them I instantly knew what I wanted to pair them with.

As a blogger, it's hard to not get sucked into every outfit being like a patch of new years fireworks. You want to make a splash and sparkle! But for some reason I had it in my head that my favorite color combo of black and white no longer sparkled. Pretty much left over color addiction from summer I'm sure, but this outfit brought me back to center.

Thank you SOOO much to my new bestie Freddie who reached out to me on Facebook insisting I needed to try his leggings. You're a gem and your love for fashion for big girls is evident in the quality and attention to detail that is poured into every garment. I look forward to seeing more from you and thank you for offering my readers a generous discount on these leggings.

Lastly, I wish you, my amazing readers and friends a joyous Thanksgiving. On this eve, I sit here writing you ladies (and gents :) and looking at my life and the amazing circle around me, the letters from around the world, the ability to work with brands that just 6 years ago I thought would be a dream....I am so beyond thankful and blessed for this new kind of family that fills my heart - YOU. Thank you, you make my dreams a reality and I'm forever thankful. HAPPY THANKSGIVING MY LOVES!

And, if you're looking for Black Friday Sales Scoops - my friends did a much better job than I could dream of - LOL - visit these ladies!

Thank you to My Freddie B. for these leggings and highly recommend you snap up a pair. He's offering a super sweet discount too! Don't get spooked by the sizing when you see S-XL, here's the chart...

These leggings are only $26 after the discount! Snap them up gorgeous.

PLUS there's more! SWAK DESIGNS is holding a fun sale.

 50 Items for 50% Off! Use code TURKEY50 to save... CLICK POSTER >>

Sparkle & Shine

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Remember when I said the other day to sparkle and shine? Well my friends at SWAK Designs heard me loud and clear! I just fell further in love when I saw their new Holiday promotion. No really, just take my wallet/cards and keep them all and I will just forever live in your stock room, k? My bed ready?

I will take one of everything, thank you very much.

CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO be taken to the SWAK site that has links for all products show :).


AND!!! The November Issue of Skorch Magazine went live! I tell you, my team at Skorch puts EVERYTHING they have into bringing you fresh, unique and empowering images and they definitely hit it out of the park this month with the Music Issue.

Congrats to the entire team, especially Tiffany the Editor-in-Chief and Courtney our Managing Editor and the over 40 people from around the world that contribute to make Skorch what it is.

Swing by and check out the new digital issue, it's free too! www.skorchmag.com.


Say What?

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Nothing makes an eyebrow raise quicker than me telling someone I'm really a rocker at heart. Like, the kind of rocker that REALLY digs leather jackets, boots, metal jams on the iPod, the extra f-bomb here and there and the ultimate live concert experience all while sipping a martini of course! In fact, in my early twenties, my core group of friends were covered in gorgeous tatoo'd sleeves and I nearly ended up with a Bettie Page tatoo on my right shoulder thanks to their convincing! Thank God for that moment of clarity to cancel the appointment.

I think the struggle for any 30-something former badass is how to still be cool but keep it age appropriate. For me, my trick is the perfect faux leather jacket and boots. These are the ones I recently featured on my haul video from Lane Bryant Outlet store, watch it here! Unfortunately these pieces are no longer available, but here are some ideas and alternatives if you're on the hunt for a little bad in your wardrobe.
  • Check out my Ultimate Wide Calf Boot Guide for my top 12 picks, there are a few that are similar.
  • For me there are two perfect collars for faux leather jackets - this one below and the moto-jacket lapel kind. If you love this collar here are some others you would like then as well... this one from Mynt1792 and this one from Alloy for only $30+. Then check my leather jacket post for a few more of my favorites here.
Now the denim. I have to give a HUGE shout to Torrid. Since 2006, when I started caring about plus size fashion, plus size denim has come a LONNGGGGG way. Torrid has so stepped up their game in the denim department and it makes me oh so very happy. What's the big deal you ask? Two things, fit and fabric. The fit is perfection with a nice skinny ankle and perfect waist but the fabric is the star. These jeggings, the Indigo, feel like luxury velvety denim. I don't know how else to put into words how amazing they feel. Every girl needs this as a staple in her wardrobe.

Embrace who you are and know that you control the judgement that dims or brightens your star. Choose to shine baby, choose to shine.


Outfit Links
Top ~ Hello Kitty T from Old Navy
Jacket, Sunnies & Boots ~ Lane Bryant Outlet

Fall Fashion Segment featuring Torrid

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I. had. so. much. fun. I. love. my. job. DREAM CAREER

This morning I went to my local morning show to do a fall fashion segment featuring TORRID fashion! Check out these looks I put together to show how to rock all the fun trends and keep it chic.

HUGE HUGE thank you to Torrid for providing all the items and to the models, Keri + Daron + Brittney + Allison and of course my BFF and partner in crime Mandy Allen.

Here's a fun photo I did of all the looks and check out the entire photo album for behind the scenes and more! :D

Here are the links for all the fashions featured from left to right (photo above):

Animal Dress Look (Animal for the Office)
Link to dress: http://bit.ly/Wbi6yS
Link to shoes: http://bit.ly/T53q2k

Sequin Top Look (Sassy Sequins)
Link to top: http://bit.ly/T3Rih0
Link to leggings: http://bit.ly/SYv3H8
Link to pumps: http://bit.ly/T3Rm0m

Rocker Look with Floral Pant (Rocker Glam)
Link to top: http://bit.ly/TOphcd
Link to pants: http://bit.ly/WbiTjA

Plaid Top Look (Country Chic)
Top: http://bit.ly/T54G5i
Pants: http://bit.ly/StDARl
Boots: http://bit.ly/TOudxN

Black Peplum Dress
Link: http://bit.ly/T3PtRa


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Why am I thinking about Vegas? Partly because one of my hubby's fav girls, poker goddess Lacey Jones,  just got married and he was kinda bummed and partly because one of my new friends Giselle Grayson is there and begging me to come down and play!

So I thought, well hell, if I was going to jump on my private jet to Vegas *cough* then what would a girl wear? I went virtual shopping for those of you who probably have the jet and are headed there soon! You're welcome :). LOL

Next up, dreaming about what in the world to wear to London for Plus Size Fashion Week! Dying excited, is it really true? Going to leave now to pinch myself.

Top & Pants & Bra at Lane Bryant
Bag & Earrings from Forever21
Shoes from Torrid

Military Chic

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Prepping for a night full of website design and video editing, wanted to give a quicky post. Mandy and I shot these this summer in Portland and I forgot about them! Love the military look, the popped collar and nude velvet heels make this look supremely awesome.

Photography by Mandy Allen www.peptalkpolly.com

Dress ~ Vintage
Bag ~ Target
Necklace ~ InPink.com
Sunnies ~ STUNglasses


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It's a very good day when you can put on a dress and feel like a goddess.

I especially love how long the skirt is on this dress from IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel, but wish it was more tapered at bottom...which is why have a tailor is so important! I'm in between sizes right now and thanks to my god given booty *laughing* I always need skirts brought in at the bottom.

Channeled my russian/greek goddess with huge chandelier earrings, long dramatic nails and luxurious wide belt. Love it. Did I mention these shoes are everything?! Have had them foreeverrrrr and somehow I always remembered them as uncomfortable, but they weren't? Hm, no idea. I'm so sorry they aren't online, tried hard to find a similar, but only came up with a closed toe mary jane (link below).

What makes you feel like a goddess?


Dress c/o IGIGI - Link Here
Shoes c/o Torrid - Similar fun version here.
Black Nails are Impress Press-Ons by Broadway Nails - the Halloween Black ones!

A little something that got me through a tough week...

Plus Size Fashion Must - Baroque

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If you're on the hunt for plus size baroque fashion for your curvy body, here are some great pieces I found around the web. I have to be honest, it was VERY hard to find baroque! I couldn't believe it and was slightly sad I couldn't find a truly fantastic baroque jacket, since when I think of this trend, I envision a luxurious and completely embellished blazer/jacket. Alas, couldn't find one.

But, if you know of any more baroque finds, please let us all know below in the comments!

Here are the links for the plus size baroque items I did find:


Red Perfection

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This top couldn't be more perfect if it tried. Fashion to Figured nailed it with this beauty. Red. Lace. Peplum. YESSSSSSS.

Here are my reasons why you need to go buy it NOW:

  1. RED
  2. Lace
  3. Peplum - longer in the back - genius!
  4. Amazing back detailing
Now, know that the belly is completely see-through, so I wore my high waisted shapewear to make it black. I am wearing the 3x and it fits like a 20 and I'm a 40DDD on top to help.

Happy Peplum! GO here > http://bit.ly/redpeplum

OHH!! And watch my newest youtube video, it's funny! Promise!! Please just humor meeeeeeee. :D

Red Lace Peplum Top c/o Fashion to Figure Size 3x http://bit.ly/redpeplum
Necklace c/o InPink.com
Shoes c/o Torrid (no longer in stock)

And! My animal shrug from this post is back in stock at Fashion to Figure too!!!! Here's the link > http://bit.ly/animalshrug.


November Fashion & Beauty Favorites {VIDEO}

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First, I pray all of you who had to suffer through Sandy are doing ok. Living here in the NW I'm thankful that all I really have to worry about is the volcano erupting. ;-| *side-eye*

Soooooo I'm letting my hippy loose, well hippy with a dash of glam of course. And the bell shape and thick stitch on these jeans are the only indicators I'm using to classify this look as hippy. *crazy*

I'm seriously IN LOVE with this animal shrug, trying to find more excuses to wear it. And these jeans were a delightful surprise. These were sent by Maurices...and I've worn Hydraulic jeans before, they are one of my fav denim brands that keep sizing consistent and true. This pair is a size 24 and fit perfectly.

Thank you to Fashion to Figure for this shrug (and the red peplum lace top that I pray will be restocked soon!), you absolutely MUST check out their selection of animal prints!!! GAHHH Feeling Jersey baby. Love FTF, so freaking cool. If only they had a store near me, well I'd be even more poor.

And, if you love my makeup here, I filmed a tutorial - it's my "everyday makeup", hop over to my Youtube channel to view! www.youtube.com/jkanebaby