DIY | $5 - 5 Minute - No Sewing Required Scarf

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Two things are true. I'm obsessed with scarfs and I love a great bargain. If you too are like me, then you'll love this post!!

I've been seeing so many AMAZE scarfs on all my favorite celebs and lord knows my pocket isn't deep enough for the $700 Hermes, no matter how much I love it - it's not worth a house payment - LOL!

Then, I remembered the days my mom and I would make our own stuff, and I got inspired - so to the fabric warehouse I went! I posted a pic of the fabric, so you might recognize this scarf! Now, I'm going to tell you how I made my DIY  $5 - 5 Minute - No Sewing Required Scarf, that I must say, is already my new favorite - until I make my next one...note fabric on floor behind me ;).

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finished look

step 1 - get $5 a yard fabric

step 2 - cut off about a yard

step 3 - fold in half longways

step 4 - cross fold - makes it lay on chest nice.

step 5 - find your favorite pin flower and pin with one side longer than the other - makes it lay better.

step 6 - pin fabric together

step 7 - after pinning, should look like this

TADA!! Instant Scarf & no sewing required.

here's a sneak peek of this scarf in action. 
behind the scenes photoshoot.

Join me.

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A little while ago I launched the Full Body Photo Project. This project started with my realization that since I had started blogging and forcing myself to post full body photos, crazy enough I started to like my body more. I didn't pick myself to death, rather I said "well, that's not so bad!" Then, all the compliments started pouring in, and guess what? I started to believe what they were saying. Funny how words can be so powerful.

What I do know is...Life is too short to wait to loose the weight to begin living life. Are you that girl that won't buy a gorgeous new dress because you need to lose just 20 more lbs, but 2 years later you're 10 heavier and still wearing clothes that don't make you feel good? Or, are you a confident woman that wants to help other ladies who can relate to you, feel more powerful?

I am asking all of YOU to JOIN the revolution. Let's empower each other.

PLUS! I will be announcing some huge partnerships on October 3rd, that will include prizes for YOU!
So, join my new page so you don't miss a beat. I truly hope you join me and the thousands of women who already have uploaded their Full Body Photo. Did I mention you could appear in SKORCH Magazine?? :)

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shopping adventure and my plus size puffy vest for fall

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It is such a trip that I feel like I know probably 10,000 people online, but rarely do I get the pleasure to have a shopping adventure and lunch with one of them. I was so thrilled when I heard that Lindsey Kremkau of TRADE Chic Plus Size Boutique and her boyfriend were venturing down into my neck of the woods for a little shopping trip.

The plan was to check out a cool little consignment boutique called DEJA VU CAMAS and see what plus size fashion treasures we could find. While there was just 1 rack of plus options, like most boutiques, the options were actually good and my friend Katie and I snagged some great pieces for fall (thanks Katie for taking these pictures!).

Of which, my favorite find...this totally fun $15 puffy vest. The hat and top I came already wearing, see below that I paired with a white Old Navy Cardi and my treasured Torrid Denim. I can not wait to get a long thermal top and wearing with my vest! weeeeeeeeee!!

I'm so glad I got to meet Lindsey in person, there's something awesome about that personal contact and so necessary. I got the pleasure to really know her and her passion and I have nothing but mad respect for her and her business, she is a beast! And I LOVE that about her. Be sure to check out her boutique, she launched an online shopping portion.

I'm a dork, I forced Linds to dork it up for me! I love fun pictures... :D

soon to be scarves

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OOHHHHHH, just finished a fun shopping trip to Mill End Store and snatched up these GORGEOUS fabrics for only $4.99/yd. Honestly, had to hold myself back! Too much to choose from, and why do I gravitate to specialty $30 a yard fabric, really?!

You're going to die when you FEEL them!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Can't wait to share, and yes, I'll be making a few extra for my friends that want them too :). I think I just unleashed a beast. Especially since I'm helping my friend Katie design and make her NYE dress. OMG!!!! You're going to LOVE it!!! K, more later....promise.

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trip to the portland art museum

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When I moved to Portland in 2004, my entire reason was for opportunity and culture. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE art, ballet, the orchestra and more. LOVE IT! I grew up in Southern Oregon in a town of 1100+, one stop light and a graduating class of maybe 30?? And Portland is really like a mini San Fran in that respect. So, I'm completely ashamed to say it took me, ohhhhhhh, um SEVEN years to get my behind to the Portland Art Museum! Just life, you know? Sad, but true.

So, my hubby and I took the day off and visiting the Jubitz Modern & Contemporary Art Wing was at the top of my list, on the top of his was some Automobile exhibit :)...such a boy.

And, the cool thing, is when I moved to Portland, my first position was the Marketing Coordinator for Jubitz Inc and I had the priviledge to work with Mr. Fred Jubitz, who is THE Jubitz the wing is in honor of. His family is amazing and I'm so thankful to know him.

Here's a silly tourist pic of me and my favorite piece I saw - truly AMAZE - better in person. And, can you believe I was all flustered I forgot to see who the artist was!!!!!!!!???  :(  Plus, of course I was tearing up on the 1st floor full of Monet, Degas and more!

I wore my comfy but cool outfit of jeggings, tank and cute jacket with flats. DONE! :)

Jessica   /   /  /

So awesome!! Visit for more information!

dressing room confidential - Lane Bryant

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When is the best time to shop for summer must haves? FALL! Clearance shopping at it's best, got these AMAZE black shorts at Lane Bryant for only $7!!

Wore my Hello Kitty T from Old Navy for a little shopping.

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These white shorts I love, so comfy! Handbag from Torrid.

coming full circle

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It's blazers like these that make me want to have one in every color/pattern! This is the creme de le' creme Torrid 3/4 Sleeve Tuxedo blazer that is the #1 favorite thing in my closet. I dream about one in light pink, fuschia, cobalt blue with white trim and red, but alas no one makes what I want when I want it. And, it's this blazer that has made my heart stir.......

It's funny how life works out. I moved to Portland in 2004 to go to the Art Institute to follow my passion for fashion and enroll in apparel design, however, my real world budget couldn't handle the price tag and I had to pay the bills - so I started working in what I knew best - operations/business management. After a year or so, my passion kept calling me and I thought maybe I'd open a plus boutique - to rival my favorite Torrid? I decided to take up a part time job at Torrid to check out the daily life of boutique management. I was quickly offered a management position, while flattering, I had to say no, because I had been running other people's businesses my whole life - I was great at it - but it wasn't my calling - it wasn't my passion.

Then, came the day I decided to start a plus size publication, way back in the myspace days. If I couldn't have a boutique like Torrid, I'd have a magazine that made me feel the same way. The giants of the day were Bombshell Magazine and Plus Model Mag was up and coming, there were no blogs really - it was 2005, and no one was producing a digital magazine, and I knew I could.... so I partnered with Carrie Woomer and we started Skorch Mag. 

Now, fast forward 6 years later, 1 kiddo, re-married, started my own business - TWICE - created a blog and have amazing readers and connections to do really whatever I want....and here I am, dreaming of making fashion again. Dreaming of what I KNOW is stirring in my heart - my true passion - making gorgeous clothes - affordable clothes - clothes for sizes 2-32. 

I truly do think clothes can change a women's point of view of herself, I know when I put on this blazer, my mood instantly changes and I magically feel amazing. 

........I hope that someday, someone will say the same about my clothes on their body. That will be an amazing day.

Night out with my friend Mandy, love her bright yellow bag!! 
My outfit: Blazer - Torrid, Tank & Necklace - Avenue, Watch- Kohls, Bag - Lane Bryant/Jessica Simpson

before & after | hot mess + makeup and hair

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I tell friends all the time how scary my before it, and really I'm an ARTEEST to make this before look better. I swear, I look like an entire other person!!! My "makeover chamber" takes about 30 minutes with hair and makeup. So, for your delight - LOLS!


BEFORE - hot mess 

AFTER - side view of hair

Wonder what my beauty tricks are? Well I made this video just for you on the same day! 

And, with fall right around the corner and the rain beating on the door - it's time to visit JD Willians for some plus size coats for women!!! So excited, they have a HUGE selection!

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the day I wore brown *GASP*

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I wore brown the other day! And, I kinda liked it. It was nice to stray from my usual pairings of blazers and jeggings and refreshing to let the wind blow up my skirt. *BWHHAHAHA*

A very cool chick, Lindsey Kremkau of Trade Chic (a plus size boutique in the Seattle WA area and online store), sent this to me to try and I remember the first time cringing at the sight of myself in a very earthy looking dress! But, one day, I was feeling adventurous and it just goes to show how what we THINK we look like is ALL MENTAL.

If you say, I look damn sexy, well, you're bound to look damn sexy ;).

Thanks Linds for the fun in the dress! And, Katie for playing at the fountain with me.

Jessica   /   /  /

Dress - Trade Chic Boutique

day at the beach

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Thankfully my hubby and I got to take our little man to the beach! Too bad the Oregon Coast water is ohhhhhhhhh ummm around 90000 below ZERO!! No really, holy eff cold. And, our little Kyle was no bueno with freezing water, or the 7 mile hike out to the ocean. Really, people.

First, I wore flip flops, not a good idea at all to walk in sand. I successfully flipped a pound of sand right down the back of myself. Then, the sand was so hot I couldn't walk barefoot, so I made my hubby give me his socks!!! ahhahahah - was so funny. Poor guy.

So we finally get out to the water, and Kyle is so tired from the walk and hot sand, he doesn't want to play and wants to go back home. Thankfully, hubby loves ocean and kyle loves mommy's camera. And, well mommy loves happy boys. :) *cheese*

My favorite picture of the day, Kyle snapping shots of daddy in the ocean.

Like the Vegas strip, no's just right over there, we can walk there in no time!! AHAHAAH can you see the ocean?? It's out there.

Thankfully we met a very cool family who took some quick family shots for us.

My favorite men in the world, my family. They mean everything to me.

Join the 9/11 Tribute Movement

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Hello loves,
As you know, today is the anniversary of a very somber moment in our history; the 10 year anniversary of the terror attacks on the United States. Instead of worrying about fashion today, I'd like to take a moment to honor those who gave their life for the freedom of so many and share the 9/11 Movement.

Image: Barack Obama, Michelle Obama
Chip Somodevilla  /  Pool via EPA
President Barack Obama embraces the family member of a 9/11 victim as first lady Michelle Obama looks on during a ceremony at the World Trade Center site in New York on Sunday.

Please join me in being apart of the 9/11 Tribute Movement. What will you do to honor and remember the victims of 9/11? Pledge now at

[video post] are ruffled dresses ok on a plus size girl?

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Time for a new video post! So, ok, don't tear me apart k! I'm no Guiliana Rancic, but videos are fun and so glad my friends are so cool! :) Totally excuse the car noise in the background, more outside videos - check!

Whatev!! Just having fun! :)

Jessica   /   /  /


i spy plus style finds | target

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A trip to my local Target yielded some great plus style finds for fall! Of course every girl need a faux leather bomber jacket!!

I have this same top from Old Navy! But, love the colors from Mossimo.

It's all about the Varsity trend, I'm loving this top from Pure Energy.

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blast from the past | partying with Mia Tyler

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2008 at Love Your Body Day event in LA. Gotta love the photobomb with Robin Cricket!! :D

Honestly one of the best nights ever! My girl Carrie and I were in Hollywood for the LA leg of the Nationwide MEWV Model Hunt Tour that SKORCH Mag was presenting. Mia was the host of LYBD and the party we were at was at the HERE lounge.

Such a blast, and makes me wish I was in LA more to hang!!!

Fun times!

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Trying on Dresses at Torrid - Dressing Room Shots

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Who doesn't love shots from the dressing room? I took these while trying on dresses at Torrid, and I'm sure you can tell which one I ended up choosing - :).

Thanks to the manager of the Vancouver WA Mall Torrid! She was GREAT!

NOT - this top is NO BEUNO on my body. 
YES! LOVE this Dress!
NO - Not great on my top half.
What I wore for my shopping day.
Cardigan from DKNY, Denim gifted from Torrid.