Sunday, May 30, 2010

Jessica in the City - Special VIDEO Post

First, to my girl Sakina from Saks in the City, I promise imitation is a form of flattery! :) If you haven't visited Sakina's fashion blog, you must give her a visit - she's divine! And, since this was a Sex and the City post, I just had to copy the name. Like ALL ladies I know, we had to get together for dinner and SEX, and I was definitely excited to get dressed up and watch a fabulous movie.

A quick review: the movie ROCKS! So funny, so true, so for mommies, so for women...just perfection. I related to so many things, and honestly - as always - Samantha was my favorite. She made the movie for me.

Here are some fun pictures of my friends Melissa (far right), Mandy and myself from last night's girly night at Cinetopia in Vancouver, WA - not your regular movie theatre...they are fancy! I was def bummed my other gals weren't there, but it's Memorial Weekend and everyone had plans. :( But, I am SOOO putting together an "Eclipse" night, oh - that will be fun.

I made a special video JUST for YOU! Had me laughing - hope it does you too!

Outfit deets:
Blazer and pink top - Torrid - just bought this weekend. See my facebook fan page for links to items at Torrid.
Shoes - Torrid - purchased a while ago.
Flower clip - Claudia's Clips
Handbag - Liz C from Ross

Hope you enjoy! Would love to hear your comments.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Anna Scholz, we need a lot more than to "Just Add Manolos"

I have always been a supporter of Anna Scholz the fashion line and the person. She continues to create fashion for the curvy confident lady that is quality and timeless. However, the latest advertisements had me thinking they were stretching a bit. I have to give kudos to Anna for creating quality fashion, however I'm giving her marketing department a D. In my opinion, these fashions are not quite SATC level and they are stretching.  What do you think? Does this dress ooze SATC, but just add Manolos?

(above) For me - this one is the farthest reaching. I see where they think they were close, however the fashion is no where near the glam of the SATC ladies.


(above) I do like the desert comparison since it's a bit closer to the feel of SATC2 fashion.

If I could choose ANY plus size fashion line to compare to SATC fashion, I would choose Elena Miro 1000%. Elena's line embodies everything sexy and everything city. Here are some of Elena's spring 2010 fashions I would wear to embrace my inner SATC. Too bad Elena's fashion is a bit hard to get your hands on!

Would love to hear your thoughts. What would you wear to ooze SATC sex appeal?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's my blog and I'll party if I want to!

Lame title? Maybe. *laughing* I was feeling sassy.

Part of my job as the owner of Kane Kreative is to party in style :). I get contracted to procure sponsors, liquor, vendors and more. When Semper Fashion reached out to me to help with liquor sponsor procurement and vendor booth management, I jumped at the chance. MUAHpalooza was a styling industry event where we networked and partied. And, being a girly girl who loves a good party, I had to wear my favorite black dress. It was gifted to me for my New Years Eve Glam Event but decided to hold off on the perfect party to wear it...and MUAH was it! To learn more about Semper Fashion events in the Portland, OR area - go to (and pssst - I built that website too!).

Here's the visual recap including me hanging with good friend and colleague Lidia Covaci, she's kinda a big deal in Portland :). And, yes - that's her beautiful face on the MUAHpalooza poster!

Outfit Deets:
Dress - Torrid Size 3x
Shoes - Payless
Earrings - Torrid
Hair Clip - Claudia's Clips
Necklace - Pendant from Lia Sophia - Lindsay Johnson of Portland, OR


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Self Portraits

Today's weather was seriously bipolar! Rain, hail, sun, clouds, rain and so on. Crazy. So, I decided it was a good day to play makeup and get some self portraits shot. I'm a professional photographer and hair/mua and stylist, so I love to do makeovers! Today, I made-over myself. I wanted natural beauty, so not to much. After I got my light set and had my remote in hand, it was picture time! :) LOVE the Remote! Every girl needs a camera remote.

So here they are for your viewing pleasure....LOL

Outfit deets:
Red sweater - Torrid
Black sweater - Curvy Girl Clothing
Houndstooth Blazer - Torrid
Sequin top - Fashion to Figure

Ring & Hair Flower by Torrid


Monday, May 17, 2010

Good Bye Lunch

Today was a sad day for me! A long time good friend and colleague of mine, Mandi, told me she's headed to Korea to teach English and she just might stay there forever. We definitely had to celebrate her new adventure over Santa Fe Spring Rolls and Pulled Pork Sandwiches at local grub spot, BJ's.

Since it was a cool 60 degrees and partly cloudy (my PERFECT weather forecast), I wore my favorite cardy from Lotis Clothing out of Canada. It's truly the perfect "over-thing" *laughing*.

Outfit Deets:
Cardy - Lotis Clothing
White Tank - Old Navy Store (regular size section) Size 2X $12.50 Buy Online Here
Jeans - Old Navy Plus Online Size 28 - only have sizes 16 & 18 in stock Buy Online Here
Necklace - Macy's Accessory Clearance for only $5!
Flip Flops - Target

Have a great week!
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