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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I received a comment on my facebook fanpage and was inspired to do a flashback on my wedding dress. She was searching for the perfect cute white dress for her vow renewal ceremony and I went on a super internet search to find her the perfect one! All the while I was thinking, MY dress was the perfect one. It was a Curvy Girl classic Marilyn Monroe Dress, and I so wish they still had it! I have it in white and blue (as seen in my blog header and this one shot by Adrian Adel).

I got married the year that Skorch had launched and was a fashion insider. At the time, Curvy Girl Clothing was everywhere and they were the spot for super cute dresses. My hubby and I are non-fussy island loving chaps (sorry BBC is on) and we decided on a tropical wedding at the Little Island Chapel at the Tropicana in Las Vegas. And, to make the day completely easy to remember, we decided on the date 7-7-07 like the other 100,000 newlyweds. And, it was a SATURDAY. I am still completely amazed we even got a booking for the wedding.

But the ultimate part of my wedding, which will live on in stories forever is the tale of getting the SKYloft upgrade at the MGM for our reception/honeymoon. Being the thrify gal that I am, I was NOT about to spend anymore than $500 or so on the reception spot. It was the hottest day of the year to get married and reception space was going for the price of a luxury SUV. So, I opted for a moderate "JR Suite" at MGM for our family to come and eat cake and drink champagne.

When I went to check in to our mini-suite, the lady at the front desk acted as if something was wrong. After seeing the look on her confused face and the minutes ticking by, I put on my "I'm ready for a fight" pants and was fully prepared to make a scene if necessary to get my honeymoon suite.

After what seemed like 800 hours (about 20 minutes in reality), the lady emerged from a backroom and happily announced we had been upgraded to a Skyloft suite. I was like, um how does that happen? She said, you were picked. HM? ok...I can handle that! Funny how that news made me put on my "let's party" pants! :) She said the butler and VIP hostess would be to our room to transfer our belongings and escort us to our suite.

After a trip up the hidden elevator with secret keys and cameras (so james bond!). We emerged to the most beautiful sight ever...THE SKYLOFT. (Do I sound like a bum-kin yet? Yes, I am.) This suite was straight up DIDDY style. Gorgeous. A dream. I had hit the damned lottery for my wedding. It was genius & seriously awesome. To this day we think it was a supernatural present from my husband's recently deceased mom. The best wedding present ever.

We love you mom.

So, this is the tale of my wedding. Hope you enjoyed. And, see the rest of my wedding photos here.



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