a curvy revolution is coming...

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

I can feel it. I feel something big coming, something life changing and inspiring. It's hard to ignore. Do you feel it?

Join as thousands of women from around the world come together to unite and inspire at the Curvy Revolution in Las Vegas at Planet Hollywood Feb. 18-20, 2011. The convention is produced by Keke Dillard, founder and president of Full Figures. She is a lady that knows how to put on an EVENT! She's done events for celebs and fashion lines, so this one will be one not-to-miss and I am proud to be on #teamCURVY as a co-producer of Skorch The Runway. We will be casting for more models soon, so to stay tuned, be sure to friend the Curvy Revolution Facebook Page.

Plus, the fabulous Gwen Devoe is coming off a HUGE push from the latest Full Figured Fashion Week in NY and has just announced another one this fall in LA! Yes, finally one near me! I'll be in LA for Full Figured Fashion Week(end) Oct. 28-30, 2010! Be sure to keep up with the latest at www.fffweek.com. And, I bettah see you there!

So, back to my post....here are some shots from a recent business meeting. I do love my pearls and never get to wear them enough, and these shoes are too cute and only 2" high! :) Yes, I'm a wussy. Hope you enjoy, would love to hear your thoughts. Hugs!


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outfit deets:
blazer - torrid size 3
lace cami - gifted by Old Navy size 3x
skirt - lane bryant size 26
shoes - payless size 11
pearl necklace - thrifted
handbag - coach


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  1. love this outfit - so chic!


  2. Thanks for the <3! Ok so now I have to go to LA? I can't seem to be able to stay away from the west coast. Delta really loves me now....

  3. This outfit is cute! I love everything from the pearls to the shoes. I wouldn't expect such cute shoes from Payless....you go girl!


  4. Im considering..... :-)
    And the white blaze? Fierce hinny! Im going to see if I can catch one!

  5. Ok, I have to admit I'm excited that LA is finally having a plus size fashion event. I'm not a big fan of haute couture, whether it's plus sized or straight, but I do like to support any organization that supports fat women in whatever way they can. I've always wanted to check out Full Figured Fashion week or one of the Re-Dress events in NY, but that's too far away from me. I live in LA, so I'm excited to have FFF come to my town. The Century Plaza Hotel is gorge, too. I used to work at a law office in Century City and we'd periodically stop for drinks there after work. It's upscale and chi-chi, but not too overdone. It should be a fun event.

  6. Love that outfit ! It makes you look like a million bucks, really sophisticated. You really suit a pencil skirt.

  7. So chic. Love the pearls. Hoping I can fit FFFW LA into my schedule. :)

    xo Michelle


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