dash of sequins and a pinch of patent leather = glam

Friday, August 27, 2010

My favorite colors? Black, white and red. I admit I have a pretty monochromatic wardrobe, but I do love pops of color here and there.

My friend Mandy and I were headed to a mom's group and I absolutely consider this mom attire. *laughing* So, we snapped a few shots after our playdate and before heading to Five Guys for some burgers and fries...yes, I live such a glamorous life! :) Glam is what you make it and I add glam to everyday life. You don't need a red carpet and martini to feel like a supah stahh. :) You just need a dash of sequins and a pinch of patent leather!

Jessica Kane

I was loving this outfit. So comfy and cute all in one.
My favorite sunglasses. A bargain find at Sears for $12.99.
A natural hair and makeup day. It was so hot didn't want my face to melt off!
My favorite capris from Lane Bryant.
My favorite capris from Lane Bryant.
Necklace from www.htpurses.com and top from www.fashiontofigure.com.
Sexy Bitches. Gifted from Torrid and beautiful from every angle. sigh.
My great friend and photographer for the day - Mandy of www.readmandyland.blogspot.com

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