White Moment

Thursday, May 29, 2014

It was a white jean kind of day. I dreamt the night before of an all white outfit, all sleek and sexy, but unfortunately I had forgotten to iron my blazer, so instead I opted for my go-to blue boyfriend blazer.

The funny thing is I thought these jeans were an LB pair, but figured out half way through the day that they were a pair of white Sophia Skinnies from Torrid I purchased quite a while ago, but for some reason never wore them. I'm sure glad I found them, because I LOVE THESE and will be wearing more often for sure. I hate white denim that stretches out too easily and doesn't keep hugging. This jean is a nice medium thickness with a tiny bit of give, but kept it's shape all day long. This white moment did call for spanx, even though I usually swear against them, but white denim is spanx mandatory for me.

Have a great pair of white denim? Let me know!

Outfit Details
Torrid pants and shoes, older Lane Bryant Blazer, Necklace Fashion to Figure

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