Monday, May 26, 2014

There was something about this day that made me stop for a minute and reflect on the fact that I was 34 years old, and how quickly 10 years whizzed by and how different my life is. I have to remind myself every once in a while that I'm truly "living my dream,"  and that I asked for this, even if I didn't realize the list of side effects would include more stress than the chemicals in my brain can handle and forgetting to actually stop and enjoy the moment more often.

One sure fire way to live for now is a spontaneous move with the girls on a late Saturday night. It was exciting to rush and get ready and zip to the theater for a 10pm showing of Blended - which, by the way, was an AMAZING movie despite the reviews - laughed the entire time.

I had two new pieces I've been DYING to wear! A GORGEOUS Lane Collection Tuxedo Vest, honestly exquisite, and a SWAK Designs Tank Dress. The most comfortable wedges I own, from Barefoot Tess, a great online shoe destination especially for wide width feet gals like me who want quality shoes, perfectly completed my look.

Now, about this tank dress, something that I really didn't expect too much from - after all, it was a tank dress. It is SO hard to get a true sense of a piece purely by online photos and that's why I love blogging so much. I'm lucky that I can test something out and tell you about it - beyond how it looked, but the how it fit, feels, wears, etc, which I feel are even MORE important.

This dress is amazing and here's why! 1) Fabric - usually you can't wear a white bra under a stretchy dress like this, but this one is so opaque and that's right, I wore my comfy white bra! The fabric is more stiff than the typical stretch dress, which leads me to reason number two. 2) It keeps it shape - I was terrified when sitting because I just KNEW it would stretch then totally ruining this body hugging awesomeness, BUT it held it's shape even after driving, sitting through a 2 hour movie and driving and walking. These pictures were taken AFTER my night. And that leads me to reason number three. 3) The cut - they figured out a ladies body on this one. It perfectly hugs the curves and it's cut beautifully and I love the length right below the knee, feels more sophisticated. For sizing, this is a size 3X and am a solid 26/28 on the bottom. This dress totally caught me by surprise!

A note about the vest, BUY IT! The picture online doesn't do it justice - it's honestly so freaking slick, cool, chic, AHHH. LOVE IT.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! I have 2 full days of interviews for the new season of Portland Fashion Week®. It's a LOAD of work, but the best part of my job is getting to meet all the intern and volunteer hopefuls who get SO excited at the potential opportunity for me to torture them?! Makes me smile and reminds me to again ... live in the moment. 

c/o Lane Collection Tuxedo Vest size 24 |  c/o SWAK Designs Tank Dress size 3X  |  c/o Barefoot Tess size 11W 

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