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Friday, August 08, 2014

Hey there my loves!
It's been entirely too long since I popped in, I'm so sorry, but I do update all the time on my instagram, so be sure to hang out with me there.

I recently was approached by Yours Clothing, someone actually I'd been wanting to try, but being on the larger end of "plus" I'm terrified of the UK companies that convert to US sizing. I'm not sure why as all previous experiences have yielded great experiences (SimplyBe, Asos clothes - not shoes - that's another story). So, they offered to let me try out some items and I was eager to share my experience with you.

I am so so happy to report how great Yours Clothing is. I was instantly struck by the quality - maybe I'm just getting used to lower quality from US clothing? But, not one thing was cheap or skimped, the best. Then, the sizing - spot on - in fact I ordered a size up on these pants here and shouldn't have! They fit and work -but would love one size down so a big more fitted, either way - so so happy. And, another thing about the sizing...being a girl with a large hips and behind who wants a "flowy" top -it's been MURDER. I order like 2 sizes up but then the arm wholes are out of control - so I wear a cami under, but them I'm hot because I'm in layers, just the entire thing - never fun. This top here WAS PERFECT! I ordered 1 size up and as you can see, plenty of room and dang, probably didn't need to order a size up???
Finally - pricing - absolutely INSANE - these pants are only $33, in the states we expect to pay easy $50 for the quality you get. This top, just $22.50. #wow

So needless to say, I'm so so thankful you contacted me Yours Clothing and to show my readers the rest of the outfits. Here are some pics of this top and these pants.

Final review? BIG GIRL APPROVED.

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