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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I am soooooooo sorry for being MIA so long. Portland Fashion Week Spring has come and gone now, I'm finally muddling through the wreckage that is my office. I have this terrible habit of when in "go mode" I just do, no cleaning up after myself, just go and do. Well, that leaves me with a good chore when go time is over. :( Getting dressed in the morning is go time as well, so you know what that means for my side of the room right? :|

My outfits for the event had to be comfortable and still sort of look like I was the Director... LOL. Trust me, I would have had NO problems just being in a Tshirt with my radio and sneakers. But, since I had to go on stage to open up every night, had to bring some style to the table. This outfit was the finale night actually, so going backwards here... But after the show was done, we stripped down to comfies and broke down sound and chairs in no time. Was amazing. So, needless to say, these pants I could have worn all day and all night. I sooooo was giving them the side-eye until I actually tried them, and gotta say -- I'm a believer. This is so Peplum all over again!

xx Jess
@jessica_kane on Instagram

And, meet Isaiah, the most AHHHHMAZING drag queen I've EVER watched. He opened up the 2nd half of the night with an insane dance routine and made the crowd of over 1,000 roar. Best. Moment. Ever. LOVE HIM 

Outfit Details
Top - PFW Tshirt :) 
Blazer, soft pants, shoes and bracelet gifted from Torrid (current)
Ring - Gift from Chenese Lewis


And the after party :) #timetoclean
Hair back, blazer off, Barefoot Tess Sands and time to break down the party.

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