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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Hello hello my babes. I am so sorry for being so MIA, but I have a great excuse! I'm in full production mode for Portland Fashion Week® which will have it's Spring Edition April 25-27 at the Memorial Coliseum. It's insane that I started out with tiny events at a truck stop and now nearly 10 years later I'm working with 40,000sqft and still dream of filling the Tacoma Dome :).

My fashion director, Natasha, and I had to jet up to Seattle to meet our A/V company and to swing by to meet Sajani who represents one of our Saturday night designers. Definitely was a great excuse to enjoy the most perfect weather EVER and have lunch at Place Pigalle overlooking the bay just above Pike Street.

Since I was the driver I wanted to be comfortable and yet cute, it was a 2.5 hour drive one way (even with my average speed of 75 shhhhhhh). Recently, Lane Bryant sent some amazing gifts and of them was this Lane Collection outfit. I admit, to shell out the money for premium clothing used to be so hard to justify, but thankfully in my position I've been able to try these premium pieces before I buy and I tell you what -- I get it. I really now get it. The detail, the quality of fabric, the fit - it all is worth it. These pieces will last me a lifetime and I can't thank Lane Bryant enough for the love.

I hope you ladies give it a try and start off with a staple - something you will need forever - like this faux wrap skirt. This skirt is lined, the elastic is luxe quality (I swear you have to feel to believe) and drapes beautifully. I ordered a size 26, down from my size 28 I get in denim, and it fit wonderfully! If I wanted a more hugging fit, could have definitely gone to a 24 if needed, but I like it more loose.

I paired it with this razer back tank that is SO gorgeous you have to see the detail. LOVE the high low and looks great with jeans -but also great in this. I get hot so easily that I LOVE a gorgeous tank that doesn't seem too casual and can actually be worn in a business setting. I had to use my 5way convertible Cacique bra to ensure enough support with the razer back.

The shoes were so so gorgeous, but definitely rubbed my right heel. I'm not sure if I was just swollen or these are tighter than normal shoes - but I would not get these if you have a larger ankle, but be sure to have a great shoe cobbler on stand by, which I do, who can stretch and add fabric if needed. These shoes are absolutely comfy otherwise and worth the cobbler visit for me.

Check out the entire Lane Collection and find that perfect one piece to start with.

So thankfully I was comfy all day, felt cute, looked fab and enjoyed a perfect day in Seattle :) .. who could ask for more?!

Much love

Shoes  /    Tank    /   Skirt   /   Glasses and Necklace old purchases
New blonde hair by Vata Salon in Vancouver WA!

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