Harlow Lace Dress

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

This is some real life multitasking as I was really on the phone when taking these photos. I had it on speaker in this shot! Now for the outfit, it's always nice to have a versatile dress in the closet that you can easily dress down or up and this dress fits the bill perfectly. See how I make this look casual by clicking read more.

I took off the belt as I wasn't really feeling it and since I was on the phone, I didn't run and grab a different one. This dress definitely needs only a skinny belt if any, my black one was just too wide for my liking and I would have preferred a gold or silver one. 
I really want to point out the neckline of this dress because I love how it's a slower scoop which makes me feel a bit more sexy. 

Here are the pics of me wearing it more dressed down with a cozy cardigan which I purchased forever ago at Costco of all places! Then, I added tights and ankle boots to warm up as it was freezing outside. Plus, these pictures were taken from my 6yo little man as we were on a mommy and kiddo date. I'm so proud of how well cropped they are! Raw and unedited!

Here is the image from the SWAKDesigns.com website so you can see it on a different body type.  Dress link bit.ly/lsjkswakharlow.

Harlow Lace Dress (Jewel)

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