Thursday, December 20, 2012

That Moment When it Becomes Real

Hello my kittens!
I'm busy working on some fun outfits to embrace while in London for Plus Size Fashion Weekend, where I'm so honored to be hosting. A retailer I've talked about a few times here, SimplyBe, is actually the presenting sponsor of the LPSFW (#lpfsw) and I've been working on a secret covert opps CIA underground project with them. *laughing*

I wore the most amazing jacket from them for a very important business meeting where I went to sign the papers with the lawyers to make my being a co-owner of Portland Fashion Week a reality. **taking a moment to let that sink in, still a bit lot surreal that I now am going to produce and co-own the 3rd longest running fashion show event in the US. wow.**

Ok...a lot more on that back to THE jacket that I swear feels like big girl Chanel. The arms, the neckline, the fabric, so so comfortable and just absolute perfection. I couldn't stop taking pictures of myself in every mirror *hangs head*.

I classed up the outfit with my pearl studs which haven't seen my ears in probably 3 years. Luckily my obsession with classic style does come in handy and makes many pieces of my wardrobe/jewelry box re-usable years later. Toted around the most fab oversized clutch which perfectly protected my iPad and lipgloss. Then added black velvet booties along with my faux leather leggings from Torrid, which I might add are so comfortable they are my lounge tights around the house. Makes answering the door for the mailman funny to me, hardly the average housewife I suppose....well, work at home mom-preneur.

I also had an animal print skinny belt twisted around but didn't get a good pic of it, nor the FAB shirt underneath, so I'll have to get more pics of these soon since I got overwhelmed for my obsession with the coat. Really, I feel in love with a green coat?? How did that happen!?

Thanks to Target for a perfect mirror aisle that helps me out of the
 I'm-a-blogger-and-don't-have-my-photog-today jam! Too bad it's a bit dusty! :(

Nothing better than a clutch that will fit the iPad (YAY) and two mini cupcakes from St. Cupcakes. 
le sigh.

Thank you so very much for reading and commenting, I love you so very much.
Happy Holidays! Go treat yourself!

Outfit Details

Jacket c/o SimplyBe - Was $130, now $60! LINK HERE
Clutch c/o SimplyBe - Was $59, now $29! LINK HERE

Shop Similar Leggings (mine are no longer online)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Holiday Party Pink

Let the Holiday Party season begin! My friend Brit invited me to her company party at the Vancouver Heathman Lodge and I was hard pressed to find an outfit that fit the Wild Wild West theme (????!) so I opted for just being me. Maybe the faux leather lapels on my blazer hint at wild west? LOL

I snapped up this blazer online at Forever21 for like $27! It's the perfect pink and I've been on the hunt for the perfect pale pink blazer, but not a boyfriend one, something...something just fab and THIS was it. It also comes in white with black, black and black and this pink and black! I paired with my fav Mesh Skirt from SWAK Designs (also seen here) and ruffle pumps from Torrid that I never get to wear.

I'm wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season! I am struggling to find the time energy to get all my holidays cards mailed out amongst everything else. And struggling with feeling like a total failure in the supermom/wife department...sure I'm not the only one. So how about an inspiring quote to those of us who are being hard on ourselves?

Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. 
Whatever has to be done, it's always your choice.


Love the lip color? Check out the details on my Pose post!

Blazer - Forever21 +

Shop My Skirt from SWAK Designs

Kelly Mesh Skirt
Kelly Mesh Skirt $49

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Monday, December 17, 2012


I used to be so turned off by the fur look. Looking back, I realize I'm just quite picky about the texture and color....well I'm that way about all my style picks. My friend Brit and I were out Christmas shopping this weekend and she was desperately trying to get me to say what I love about rings and which ones I'd love...I just can't explain it! It has to be ...... I don't know, simple, clean, chic, blingy, these are the words I use for most everything I love in fashion. So finding fur that encompassed these needs used to be fruitless! Thankfully the style times changed and the kind of fur I like is everywhere. I'm going kinda fur crazy now. No really.

I have always loved SimplyBe, from the very first catalog I received in the mail that felt like a plus size Instyle Magazine or something, so when we connected and professed our mutual love for each other (while in NY at FFFWeek I met with the UK executive team over tea and croissants??!) my life was complete. LOL

This Joe Brown vintage faux fur jacket is beyond amazing. I love the huge collar, the pockets, the lining, everything. I know it's spendy but if you get money for Christmas or a credit limit increase then treat yourself to this baby. I feel more fabulous when I define my waist with a belt lik this belt from Asos Curve, which was the perfect chic accessory (wearing size 20/22). Wore over my fav Torrid Peplum dress, the one I wore on the morning show segment and finished with a gorgeous animal platform pump.

I encourage you to explore the world of fur if you're one of the few left who isn't obsessed :).

Saturday, December 15, 2012

SWAK Designs Project Plus {Contest Closed}

Time for Project Plus, a partnership with SWAK Designs! 
Contest is now closed.

What I love most about my partnership with SWAK and Project Plus is the fact that they let me choose what the focus will be and what I want to give to my readers, which I so love them for that. When I was thinking about the holidays and the New Year coming up, I thought about how I stop shopping for myself and just shop for my kiddo, then hubby, then friends, then neighbors, then co-workers, then the person at the Starbucks that's super nice, then the landscaper, then the people down the street with the sweet dogs, then then then.... well, then me is the VERY LAST line. And, I'm sure you can relate. So, I'm excited to dedicate Project Plus to the women who put everyone first and can't justify the money to spend during the holidays on herself. I know you're thinking, why enter I never win anything.... I think the same thing too!!! LOL But, someone HAS to win, so it doesn't hurt. Go ahead and take the two minutes to enter and you never know, I could be picking out YOUR new mini-wardrobe.

Everyone gets a $5 gift card and winner chosen randomly.


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Got Pose? Insider Preview

Shhhhhh, gonna tell you about a secret that me and my 4 million friends know about :).

If you're instagram obsessed like me, then you get irritated too that you can't click links or really shop the great looks you find!!! You love the glasses, you say, hey....where can I get those glasses, and they give you the link, but you can't click the you have to open new windows and try to find the flipping glasssesssssss.... honestly?! LOL

So, if you want to actually SHOP what you see on your friends, you will DIE for the POSE app! I'm so excited and honored to work with these ladies and asked to help grow the plus size section of the community. See it's really like a pinterest + instagram fashion hybrid that makes shopping looks and getting inspiration so much easier. You can see and share BOTH photos AND videos! So cool.

Best part for bloggers like me? Affiliate commissions are an important part to paying for our blogging habit, LOL, and POSE works with RewardStyle! RewardStyle is an affiliate platform for bloggers, so if you have RS and would love to share your RS links and get commissions, POSE works seemlessly with it!!

Super Secret Insider Preview! 

POSE is launching a completely redesigned iPhone app & website tomorrow!
You can now:
  • SAVE your poses to collections on iPhone
  • DOUBLE TAP to love
  • Links are now CLICKABLE
  • LOVE and SHARE your collections from any Pose platform
  • Watch VIDEO poses or SHOP poses directly from the 'video' and 'shop' feeds

Now go download POSE (psst, it's FREE!) 
and find me at jessicakane.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Happy Monday

Happy Monday loves!

Had a great weekend with the hubby and kiddo partaking in the local holiday festivities. And, have been so completely spoiled with brands sending me clothes that I've officially BANNED any gift giving from my friends and family to me...well, unless it's in the form of dollars for me to save for the trip to London...if ONLY United Airways took clothes in exchange for a plane ticket. I just don't get it?!! LOL But seriously, I can't even believe how blessed I am. I consider it an honor when a company believes in you enough to trust you to wear and shoot pictures in their clothing, and especially when it's clothing I would buy anyways! Gah. Gotta pinch myself sometimes. And believe me... I KNOW it's ONLY because of my readers, YOU, that I'm living my dream. Thank you so much for supporting me, it means the world to me! Sorry to send you loves notes every post...something about the lights and garland and glitter that makes me all mushyyyy.

I shot this outfit the other day with my bestie Mandy. I was just sent this sweater from SimplyBe and truthfully, when I first saw it I didn't think it was that special. BUT THEN I PUT IT ON! It came to life and now I think I will wear it daily. It's crazy how an item comes to life after you put it on your body...which is why you must ALWAYS try stuff on! This gem would have never entered my closet if I didn't try it on. So, yes, obsessed. Adding my white capris (just add boots and looked like pants!) and my new wide calf boot beauties from Torrid and you have a comfortable, chic and freaking fab outfit. I think the only thing this outfit is missing is a string of lights! :)

Happy Holidays and come say hi on IG @jessica_kane!

Outfit Links & Details

Boot Calf Sizing by size: 7 fits up to 17.2", 8 - 17.8", 9 - 18.4", 10 - 19", 11 - 19.6", 12 - 20.2", 13 - 20.8"

Monday, December 3, 2012

{Giveaway} A little Naughty and Extra Nice

The totally fab ladies at Torrid asked me to be a featured blogger this week for their Naughty & Nice promotion and part of my duties was to answer the question - are you naughty or nice? Ohh boyyyyy....hmmm. I couldn't decide, so I dolled myself up in what I consider my ultimate Naughty and Nice Torrid outfits and want you to tell me! What do you think? Am I better as Naughty or Nice? LOL (you know I'm leaning toward Naughty right??)


Every girl needs to get sassy once in a while! My go-to sassy style secrets are eyeliner around the entire eye, black nail polish, extra curls and hair spray in the hair and sexy boots. Add that to any outfit and I feel you can be naughty. This outfit was SO much fun. I never ever buy printed sweaters and this one was so fun and comfortable. It's like a good basic tunic, you forget how fun and perfect a good sweater can be. Then I paired with a distressed pair of Stiletto Skinnies - which do run small, so be sure to buy your size, don't go up thinking they will just stretch.

Leopard Sweater (comes in Purple too!)


Nice comes easy for me and the first thing I think of is white and sequins, and a tree made out of lights stapled to a chalkboard wall? LOL! I love this top because it's not too long like some sweaters can be on my frame and the neckline is absolute perfection. I paired with the super luxe black skinny which fits like velvety awesomeness - wish I could SHOW you in a photo just how amazing they are. Be sure to order a size down though if you want nice and tight.

Sequin Sweater (comes in Black, Red & White)
Black Luxe Skinny (get a size down, lots of stretch)

So, what do you think? Am I more naughty or nice??
Thank you so much Torrid for giving me all these amazing outfits and always supporting my reader and my blog. Such a great Christmas present!

Now enter the Torrid Pinterest Wishlist Giveaway
Grand prize is $1000 Torrid gift card!
Pin to win your Torrid outfit plus a $1,000 Torrid Gift Card in our Naughty & Nice Wishlist Giveaway!
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